Isokari Francis Ololo

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100 quotes and words of wisdom

100 Quotes and Words of Wisdom for the Inquiring Mind with Stories That Uplift the Soul is a self-help book of inspiration and motivation. Corresponding life stories that reveal deep human truths aptly elucidate the quotes and words of wisdom. This book is an answer to the requests by many social media friends resulting from the quotes the author often posted on the internet. The uniquely crafted quotes, stories, and lessons are intended to encourage weary souls and aid mind harmony. The book will be useful to all who seek an emotional shield against the sticks and stones life throws at them. The book is also an icebreaker for speakers and leaders. The book can also serve as an essential complement to the various daily devotional guides. Writing prompt seekers, scriptwriters, artists, dramatists and other categories of writers will find these series useful. This volume is the fifth in the series.


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