Janet Afegbua Lawal

Janet Afegbua Lawal was raised in a family of book lovers. Her love for books ignited her desire to tell her own stories. She has her first degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University, Ota and also a second degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Akoka. She has written several short stories online. Her first self published book, Jinxed! was published in 2010.

Books by Janet Afegbua Lawal


Jinxed! Is the story of a teenage girl Jemi, who feels totally out of place in the world based on her birth circumstances. She does not understand why her father hates her so much and why her mother had to leave so early. She feels resentful towards the world as all her efforts to win love and acceptance ends in disaster. She is involved in a freak accident which leaves her with very bad burns on her face. This further strengthens her belief that she is indeed jinxed and nothing good can come from her. Her return back to school leaves her even more depressed as she is mocked about how she looks. She quits school without telling anyone to the chagrin of their housekeeper and drifts into her own imaginary world. She is taken to the United Kingdom where her aunt lives, with the hope that she can get better. Can Jemi overcome the psychological abuse she has been suffering from childhood? Or the feeling of being inadequate and unloved?


Have you ever been on the trail of something and then something entirely beautiful comes along? Nigerian born Mark was not the man American born Victory thought he was. Being raised in the projects of New York, her idea of love was total loyalty and faithfulness. Mark's sudden trip to Nigeria spurs her suspicion and desire to find out more about the man she had accepted to spend the rest of her life with. Amidst protests from her best friend, Victory takes a trip to Nigeria and finds out that things were not what they appeared to be in the first place. Just when she feels love was meaningless, celebrity singer Oto-man comes along.


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