Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Books by Jeffrey K. Rohrs

audience: marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers

Most companies are still taking one step forward and two steps back in their customer relationships because they dont understand how to build and engage a long term online audience. The new job every marketer must learn is Audience Building. This book is a manifestoa "call to arms"that every underappreciated marketer can deliver to their C-Suite in order to permanently put an end to spammy social media strategies that gain a few quick sales and lose a long term audience. Subscribers, Fans, and Followers uses important research data, and case studies to explain how marketers can use progressive Hybrid Marketing strategies to squeeze more value from their Fossil Fuel Marketing (mass media).  It also explain how to build Renewable Energy Sources (owned email, mobile, and social audiences) that provide a long-term competitive advantage.


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