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23 shades of becoming

Becoming: To begin to be… This book entails the series of Julia’s past life experiences, growing up in a negative neighbourhood. From being sexually abused at age 9 to having over 21 rape cases, she was scared to talk about it to people because of the threats and condemnation. After running away from home at age 15, she got engaged to a man at 16 who was twice her age, and dealt with depression for over 5 years. She sought advice from bad accomplice, and got into the night trick of consistent clubbing and one-night stands, so she could keep up with her bills and independency. With her new self-discovery and defined life’s purpose, Julia is fired up to unveil what’s on the other side of fear and help transform other lives through her story. She currently has a 9-5 job and is also actualizing most of her ideas in lifestyle empowerment. This has helped her overcome her challenges and realize her potentials every single day. “I Found My Sense of God”. 23 Shades of Becoming is the true definition of evolution, innovations, seizing and creating opportunities, and believing in self-awareness and development. This is no longer a secret journal; it’s a true-life story.


It’s a book about Juliana James Life's Experiences; coming into total awareness of her present state of mind.


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