Kait Nolan

Books by Kait Nolan

once upon a snow day

MEET CUTE ROMANCE - BOOK 1 Snow isn't the only thing falling this ski season Isabelle Lawson loves her job. Driven, dedicated, there's no room in her high-pressure life to look for love outside the pages of the books she edits. Can a fun-loving, handsome stranger change her mind? Once Upon a Snow Day is a novelette of approximately 10k words.

once upon a new year's eve

MEET CUTE ROMANCE - BOOK 2 A second chance romance for anyone who ever loved their brother's best friend. It should have been the perfect New Year's Eve date. But when Gemma Forester gets called to bail her older brother out of trouble, she comes face to face with some of her own. Aaron Hendricks never forgot his best friend's little sister, but ten years wasn't enough to prepare him for the woman she's become. Will a chance meeting allow them to overcome the past? Once Upon a New Year's Eve is a novelette of approximately 8,500 words.

once upon an heirloom

MEET CUTE ROMANCE - BOOK 3 A blind date on Valentine's Day. What could possibly go wrong? After being duped and robbed by a charming ex-boyfriend, Sylvie Noll is forced to go to a jewelry store to sell a beloved family heirloom or lose the business she's put everything into. Everett William Sperry, III is a hard-core do-gooder with a heart of gold and bank account to back him up. He impulsively buys Sylvie's hocked ring, intent on returning it to her. But Sylvie disappears. How will he find her again? And if his friends find his grand gestures...eccentric, how will a complete stranger react? Once Upon an Heirloom is a novelette of approximately 10.5k words.


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