Kelicha Ochonogor

I am from Amai in Ukwuani local government area of Delta State, and married to Leslie Sunday Ochonogor. We are from the same state. I read English (Education) for my bachelor’s degree from the Delta State University, Abraka. I did a master’s degree in English Language at Covenant University, Ota; and I’m currently doing a second master’s degree in Educational Administration and Planning at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). My studies align with my present vocation in writing; first, in my use of the English language for my writing. Usually, as a second language user, I do not always find English easy to communicate with in writing. But my studies have given me the basic tools, and with the help of professional editors I have been able to put my thoughts across fairly easily in my books. Second, education is about people, an audience to teach, whether teaching children, youths, or adults, all of whom make up my reading public. My studies in Education have greatly helped my desire to teach in my books. So far, I have writing NINE books. I look forward to writing more. Although my books so far have a title towards the Christian faith, the topics I deal with are general interest; which is why Christians and nonchristians can read my books and glean vital lessons from them. Writing fulfils me in an interesting way. I write with my reading public before my mind’s eye. I see women in need of encouragement, youths that need to be directed, and men generally who to be educated about women; because, except they are told, most men are prone to misunderstanding women. I have quite a few authors I aim to emulate in my writing, some deal strictly with religious materials, and some are secular. They include David Oyedepo, E.A Adeboye, David Abioye, Faith Oyedepo, John C. Maxwell, Chinua Achebe. All of these authors are accomplished with a number of bestselling publications to their names. In modern time, publications are still being printed, but eBook appears to be the future, so I am trying to explore both means of putting my books out to the public. In addition to writing, I run a few businesses. But when at home, like when I need some rest from the hectic run of business, I do my writing. That way, I’m not really idle. My husband and I, with our three young children, live in Lagos.

Books by Kelicha Ochonogor

following the steps of giants

In Following the Steps of Giants, Kelicha Ochonogor is again drawing attention to our Christian culture of learning from biblical examples, and how we need to be “followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises”. Aside the rich list of Bible giants, Kelicha has a list of contemporary giants also, a galaxy of super mentors she describes as among “them who through faith and patience [are inheriting] the promises.” Who are these contemporary giants? What are they doing right? What mistakes have they learnt from? Are there changes I need to make to enjoy God’s blessings as these giants are doing? Following the Steps of Giants, like the other books the author has churned out, is again her provocateur, and may again raise some dust. This latest book foreshadows three other: The Power of Choice, Understanding the Covenant of Holiness, and Understanding Glory.

darling, it's not working

Darling, It’s Not Working is a present book for the present age where marriages are breaking down and families are crumbling everywhere. The author is pained enough from her own experience to find a solution to the maladies of not just her home but help others find joy also. Here is one book you should read in the time of peace or crisis in your home and family. It helps you to maintain the peace you now enjoy, and will get you out of your crisis if you have a troubled home presently. When you are done reading Darling, It’s Not Working, your own testimony should reverse the book title, “Darling, It’s Now Working”. This is the goal. This is the hope. This is the prayer!

prayer enhancer

You have prayed before. I know that because the title of this book attracted you. It shows you’re interested in prayers. But are all prayers answered by God? How then do we make the difference, so we can pray only prayers God will answer and waste no time with prayers that won’t work? Since her first book, Understanding the Force of Liberty, Kelicha Ochonogor is proving to be a ready writer with unceasing flow. Another of her books, Following the Steps of Giants is as sensitive to contemporary issues as this one, Prayer Enhancers, which boldly spells out prayer killers and points at positive elements that enhance, improve, strengthen and enforce prayers. Pray! “You got to pray,” the author says. Pray! “You got to avoid prayer killers,” she warns. Pray! “Go for prayer enhancers,” she urges you, assuring that you’ll certainly find out that God is keen to answer you with proof of glorious testimonies.

sacrifices of the virtuous woman

Sacrifices of the Virtuous Woman is written for men. It shows the need to know what God designed the woman to be and to fulfill in the world. And because the woman ought to know her importance in the program of God for the world, here is a book for every woman. From the Proverbial Virtuous Woman in the Bible, we have a picture of womanhood that has eluded many generations since the days of Eve. But the history of humankind has the enviable list of some sterling women who have demonstrated the rich qualities of the Virtuous Woman. So it is possible. That’s what this book is about, to show the woman: What is possible. The guideline to a happy married life. How to employ the potentials of womanhood. The gracious power of womanhood, and the unfailing rewards that await the virtuous woman. The author speaks like a woman who knows; and her plain language makes room for you in particular, whatever your status.

the power of choice

The Power of Choice explains why the witch or wizard is not altogether to blame when, especially, a believer fails to succeed. A lot is wrong with how you choose or the choice of what you say and do. The author makes the point that the power to make your destiny come true is in your hand. And because you can indeed have the backing of Almighty God, nothing should be able to stop you making a success of your life. She leaves the big question squarely in your hand: Would you succeed? Do you really want to succeed? If yes, then you can!

understanding glory

The good news in Understanding Glory is, you can enjoy God’s glory on your life, right here on earth, and an even more glorious end in heaven. The author makes plain the difference between the glory from God and narcissism, a type of glory that leads nowhere good. She copiously shows Bible examples of simple people who by faith and willing submission to God became resoundingly glorious. It’s all to show that no one who desires glorification from God is ever denied. You can be glorious too!

understanding the covenant of holiness

If you ever wondered why a lot of people don’t like to discuss righteousness, a state of moral pureness and holiness, this book explains that it is because people don’t understand that holiness is man’s greatest desire, and is the ultimate aim of the sacrifice and vicarious death of Jesus Christ for all humanity. In Understanding the Covenant of Holiness, Kelicha Ochonogor uses simple language and common experiences to make Holiness less scary a topic. You can now easily become holy and begin to live in the blessedness of the experience. The author writes to show that the death of Jesus was a complete sacrifice to achieve for us both God’s imparted holiness and divine grace to live holy and enjoy the benefits of holiness.

united nations' partnership with god

The United Nations, as a world body, is not a religious organisation and is not known to prefer one religion above any other among the different faiths in the world. But the actions and programmes of the UN in their global content and relevance may well be seen as GODLY, in the way they align with the purpose of God in the world. This is the view United Nations’ Partnership with God enunciates as it identifies the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the ambits of the Bible. The idea is to make the reader see the UN effort as godly, non-religious though, simply godly; and to elicit support for the SDGs at individual, governments and national levels. Because we all have a part to play, not necessarily for pecuniary reasons, but for the development of mankind and the sustenance of good life for everyone on the earth, United Nations’ Partnership with God is highly recommended to be read and shared.

understanding the force of liberty

How often do you find a book that confronts you with facts about your very personal desire for freedom and liberty? Understanding the Force of Liberty is Kelicha Ochonogor's first book. Her drive is deep within her, stemming from true personal experiences that prove the point. Satan is not omniscient, he does not know everything, he does not have all power over your life. ONLY GOD DOES. The book exudes such pugnacious personal revelations of a young woman who has escaped the jaws of dearth, escaped helpless struggles against forces of evil and finally got lifted into the safe hands of Jesus Christ. You can't read Understanding the Force of Liberty without seeing the possibility of your own freedom.


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