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where is your faith

With the death of her parents, Kike harbors questions about who she was and what God is. When her husband, Martins was diagnosed with brain stem death; the quest to discovery began. What was her conclusion? Is faith in God really true or was everything just a fairytale?

living out 2020 with confidence

Someone said; “The Year 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and if not lived aright; there is a lot to lose.’ We are in a new decade, new year and we all desire a new beginning; as Christians in the world; how then can we confidently hold onto the promises of God unwavering? How can we learn to strengthen our faith in God and learn from our mistakes? How can we make 2020 a year of crushing our goals and living a radiant life for God? Does this book guide its readers on what they need to know about confidently living a life that glorifies God? Does this book address the problem of unbelief in the lives of some believers? Does this book renew the hope of its readers about their identity in Christ? The book comes along with a free template for crushing goals in the new decade.

when god is not on the mountain

She felt responsible for her friend's wedding; it was to be the talk of the city, but her brother messed up. From a very young age, Elizabeth struggled with being accepted by her father; and she is willing to do anything for the table to turn. Escaping to the Netherlands seems to be the best option, she was free from her father's blaming eyes, her friend's family accusing fingers, and also from the environment that little or nothing to offer her in healing. But, there is something forgotten; she has a loving mother who had groomed her up in the Lord, yet she didn't believe God could help her heal. This light-hearted, short story only targets a single question with a single answer; where is God in the midst of her troubles? Was he in the mountain, valley, and land? Everyone ought to know this, and this book is a reminder of what we seem to have forgotten when troubles fill our day. Are you going through tough times? Then, this book is for you—a concise read with light conversation.


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