Linda Temienor-Vincent

Linda Temienor-Vincent is an author/screenwriter. She has a Bachelor of Education in English & Literature from the University of Benin and, a Masters in Public & International Affairs from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Other education she received also includes diplomas in screenwriting from the New York Film Academy and the FutureLearn online platform. She is a PR professional and has corporate experiences across marketing and communication. Some of the works written by Linda as eBooks include; No Need For Lies, Mouth Hung Open, Ugly, and This Journey Called Life. Linda is passionate about book adaptations and has also written feature screenplays. They include; ‘The Table of Fame’, ‘The Hand Model’, ‘Colourless’, ‘An Audience of One’, ‘Deeds Reveals’, ‘Advoglacious’ Quest’, ‘The Canada Effect’.

Books by Linda Temienor-Vincent

this journey called life

‘This journey called life’ is a story set in the 70s, mostly in the mid-western region of Nigeria. It tells of a naïve adolescent boy, his upbringing, his relationship with the members of his family, his set of odd friends, the remarkable love of his mother towards him and the conventional life in a rural environment. He gets deceived by his uncle and in record time becomes a victim of his own naivety. In this journey called life, we are left with the question, “Will he ever be rescued by fate?”

mouth hung open

‘MOUTH HUNG OPEN’ a rural-based scoundrel in his mid-twenties battles his overbearing benefactor for supremacy and wealth, leaving behind a trail of exploited victims and an unresolved mystical disaster.

no need for lies & 2 bonus stories

‘No need for lies’ inspires hope and action in a group of youths through the collection of personal experiences of a small sample of successful entrepreneurs from the Nigerian business community connecting their struggles to their successes. We see six business owners tell their stories from scratch to top in a dramatic but real expose in the most street-savvy way they can as their way of voluntarily giving back to society.


A beautiful lady in love with the surface of things embraces matrimony wrongly, and an unbelievable twist of events unfold.


All seemed well for Bernard until he is plagued by doom and a backstabbing fiancée.


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