Longrin Wetten

Longrin Wetten is a network engineer by day and a storyteller all the time. He was born and raised in Jos, Nigeria. He holds a B. Eng degree in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. His passion for storytelling was first expressed before he was ten, when he used to share the exciting stories he had read in comic books and seen in movies with his friends. He enjoys learning, listening to music, watching movies and has a strong passion for human expressions in science and technology, philosophy, history and art. Longrin is a founding member of Penthusia, an elite group of modern day writing/storytelling enthusiasts; and Penthusia Media Ltd, the business arm of Penthusia. His passion for storytelling was first expressed before he turned 10, when he derived joy from sharing the exciting stories he read in comic books and saw in movies with his peers. He lives in Benin City, Nigeria.

Books by Longrin Wetten

lie to me, dan

Seventeen year old Marylyn Zhasa is a very ambitious young girl who has her future all planned out. She meets Dan; a charming fellow student whose own ambition is to get her at any cost. Not the kind of girl to stand by and let things happen, Marylyn puts up her well practiced defences against Dan’s unusual advances, in spite of which she gets sucked into a whirlwind of danger and uncertainty; where plans don’t often work out as expected...A tale of passion and ambition set in the fascinating world of a Nigerian University.


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