Maranatha Abutu

Maranatha Abutu, also addressed as Queen Maranatha Abutu is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Ilorin Nigeria. She is passionate about feminism and gender equality and as an advocate, she has spoken on National radio to address Rape and the Child's Right Act, 2003, in Nigeria. Her strength lies in her great imaginary ability which has enabled her to broadly address the different narratives of human experiences through her writing. When she is not writing, she could spend the whole day either reading books or watching movies. She is a natural hair aficionado, that absolutely loves tasty meals. You can connect with her on social media for book updates, weekly series or articles on Instagram and Twitter @mara_abutu or via email; maranathawrites@gmail.com

Books by Maranatha Abutu

leila khalid

It is often perceived that - "living in affluence automatically equates to all-round comfort", but in reality, "life's issues" are inevitable no matter the state of wealth. Such was the life of Leila Khalid. A 28-year old lawyer whose tenth generation was secured financially. Yet, life had other plans for her. Having been diagnosed with a condition that led to losing love and suffering "Generalized Anxiety Disorder", a stranger rescuing her from collapsing may just change her life's course. Read to find out how…. .


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