Margaret Adetimehin

Margaret Adetimehin, also known as CAMAA, is a Nigerian born writer and storyteller with a refreshingly unique style that borders between reality and fiction. She is a graduate student of the George Washington University. As a true ambivert, when she is not reading or writing, she likes to imagine she enjoys travelling, good food, and researching. She loves her afro so much, that she only finger combs it. She is not married with kids and dogs, but if you follow her on social media @camaa_pearl, you will be one of the first to know.

Books by Margaret Adetimehin

nine hours till five

Have a vision, set SMART goals, write them down, pursue them tenaciously, and your dreams will come true. What can possibly happen otherwise? After a painful exit from the northwest of Nigeria, Oluwafunmilayo Zimuzochukwu Onalaja arrives in Lagos to pick up the pieces so she can return to the northwest where she believes the success of her business lies. Then life happens in quick successions. Funmi isn't prepared for the impact that her decisions will have on her hustle or the troubles she manages to attract, but she won't give up easily either. There is only so much that everyone can take before they get broken, but really, what is Funmi's limit?

first impressions

In search of opportunities and commitment, six African millennials find themselves spun in a web of friendship . . . Six African millennials on the quest of finding a perfect match and happily ever after. A series of event would bring them together.


For TJ, it might be demeaning. He has to face his shortcomings and acknowledge his feelings for Mabel. Unfortunately for him, Mabel is facing life-changing events and doesn't want anything to do with him. Rayo feels like an impostor; posing as a good friend while watching what could be a good thing with Richard crumble. For Tricia, it is scary. Chance brings Debo to her again, but learning to trust Debo blindly could be the start of something good or worse. Flawed Perfections is an African Romantic comedy of millennials who find love in peculiar ways whilst being spun in a web of friendship and commitment. With different ideologies and skin, they are bonded by one goal; find happily ever after and still maintain self. HOW DIFFICULT CAN THAT BE?


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