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soul reapers

Soul Reapers is a revelational and expository story about the workings of man’s arch enemy, the Devil, as he seeks deceive multitudes into eternal damnation. I bring you SOUL REAPERS, a supernatural apocalypse story about the end time. The story Soul Reapers started with a revelation of rapture which left a lot of church folks behind. A beautiful couple, Jude and Amy, dedicated church members were on the radar of attack from satanic forces. Jude failed to successfully handle the test of prolonged financial hardship after losing his job. His bitterness was his undoing which opened the door for the enemy who brought in other vices which took him down into depravity and perdition. Jeremiah, a spiritual leader, gifted in visions and revelations was a formidable force for the dark kingdom. He sees through the enemy’s wiles and was always a step ahead of his schemes. His prophetic dreams, revelations and teachings usually empty satanic prisons off millions of souls. This made him to be number one in the hit list of the dark kingdom. Dan, another great church leader started to listen to the enemy’s thought suggestions and soon began to enjoy them. But he was saved by prayer interventions of his wife who later became the target. A secret of her husband’s past error was exposed. The pain of betrayer was overwhelming which almost destroyed her. She became bitter and in that state, the enemy struck her mind with an arrow of insanity. Kunle, a young prayer warrior in one of the churches lived with an addiction which has ensnarled his soul. He desperately sought help from God, but the enemy was not ready to let go of his captive. The battle for his mind was prolonged, relentless and intense. Help came for total deliverance as he yielded himself to God. Sandra and Patrick are a couple as well as leaders in the church. They won the best couple award in church a number of times, but behind closed doors; their home is akin to a war zone. A business failure, badly managed produced seeds of anger, depression and bitterness which were carefully concealed behind facades of smiles and church attendance. Overtime, rage and violence was birthed as Patrick began to physically violate his wife who bore it in silence. Then the enemy began to whisper into her ears to protect herself from her husband otherwise she will end up a corpse. She listened and bought a weapon to protect herself against her husband. Years of unabated domestic violence finally birthed a murder plot hatched from the pit of hell. Patrick became a toy the enemy could drive into fits of rage. The couple ignorantly became willing actors in the enemy’s script. Andrew and Roselyn were sent to manage a branch of one of the churches. The enemy saw an opening in Andrew through his relentless love for money and fired an arrow of greed. He began to use his position to amass wealth illegally. Then murder entered him as he plunged into the perfect plan of the enemy. The story also depicts the love of God for the saints, how God moves at the cry of the weakest saints, how the enemy ensnarls using thought suggestions, and what goes behind the scene when a saint cries out to God for help. Spiritually gripping, a supernatural apocalypse story that will never leave you the same forever.


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