Mopelola Kola-Lawal

Mopelola Kola-Lawal is a multi-dimensional woman, a John Maxwell Life & Wealth Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Real Estate Professional with about 12 years’ experience in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry. Through her blogs, group coaching, online courses, and Mastermind sessions, she is poised to helping many on the journey of shifting their mind sets to transform and live their best lives. As a Real Estate entrepreneur, she runs Modaville Realties Plus, a Real estate Investment advisory and marketing firm (www.modavillerealties.com) and regularly holds conferences on Real Estate investing and wealth creation both locally and internationally. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Estate Management from the University Of Lagos, Nigeria, as well as an Executive Masters certificate in Project Management from the Project Management College, UK.

Books by Mopelola Kola-Lawal

money secrets i wish i knew before i clocked 30

If money was not an issue to worry about, a lot of people would be living more purposefully and making choices intentionally. This book is set to revolutionize your thinking, shift your money mind set and unlock your wealth code. This is your road map to get money headaches out of the way, escape the life that does not serve you, and focus on living the fully maximized and super abundant life which God originally intended.


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