Netty Ejike

Books by Netty Ejike

stormy affair

Is she going to be his undoing? Their love life was wonderful and intense. Magical. But while billionaire Miles Sanderson believed in pleasures with no strings attached, naïve Brooke Wilde believed in love, marriage, and children. Though so different, they were inexplicably drawn to each other from the beginning. But when Miles broke his cardinal rule by falling in love, he realized it was time to end the relationship. Only he had no idea just how much that would cost him…

his sin

There comes a time in a man’s life when he is filled with regrets for something he did in the past. Brad Coaster, a powerful magnate, humbled by his sin, had been trying to make amends for six years, when, on the night of his engagement party to Alyssa, he came face to face with Storm Garland, the woman from his past. Torn between his different feelings for the two women in his life, he knew he had a tough decision to make. To break up with his fiancée and risk the scandal it would cause. Or to confess his sin and lose the love of his life.


Shane Vandelier and Lily Lake, best friends since their youth, had a solid platonic relationship. But when Lily informed Shane that she was getting married to someone else, her decision set off a chain of feelings and reactions, much like a string of firecrackers, which catalyzed into revealing their hidden sexual attraction. Now that things had changed between them, would Lily’s accident and subsequent memory loss sever this bond?


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