Niyi Olamiju

Niyi Olamiju is an adolescent development coach, an astute administrator, educational consultant, and a 'Teenvangelist'. He currently works as the National Executive Officer of Haggai International, Nigeria, and Lead Consultant at 3H Edu Consulting. He is well recognized as a talented Christian novelist, author, quiz-master and maintains a vibrant mentorship ministry to youngsters within his immediate reach and beyond. His debut novel, ‘Hormones on Fire’ has garnered great testimonials and accolades from teenagers and young adults who have read the book, within and outside the country. Niyi holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Hons. in Materials Science and Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U.), Ile-Ife, and has an appreciable working experience with both local establishments and multinationals such as The Ambassadors Schools, Ota and KPMG Professional Services. He is completely given out to deploying his gifts, skills and time toward the moral, spiritual and mental development of the next generation of future leaders across Africa and beyond.

Books by Niyi Olamiju

hormones on fire

When the feelings roar and the heart races on a spot and the hormones begin to swim freely, all we see are roses glittering with scents of deception and love-birds spinning in orbits of lies but behind the mirage is a flameless fire that burns with fury. When the grip, the hype and the dazzle are gone, that’s when you discover an irreparable scar and your innocence robbed. Gregory--the ‘most-sought-after’ as he’s fondly called, had no other obsession at the time except Alero—the ‘brilliant, beautiful but naïve’ newest student of Rockfield College and would do anything possible to make her go out with him. However, of all the girls in the college that were willing and ever-looking forward to date Gregory despite his taste and wish, Cynthia was the most desperate and she’d sacrifice anything to get Gregory’s satiating attention. Sam, Gregory’s ‘runs’ friend and Cynthia’s favourite ‘employee’ would do anything for money. When it comes to his best talent, he can woo a snake. The whole saga began soon as the rich dude and son of a former senator-Gregory, returned from his extended winter vacation in England. Little did any of them know of the evil to be unleashed via their firing hormones just before their second term in SS2 ended. You’ve got to find out!

genes fall apart

When a 17-year old Nancy Frimpong decides to champion the unthinkable in a boarding school and plots to indulge every other girl in her impropriety; and the married teacher, Mr Dickson Edoho, gets infatuated to the charismatic Christabel, his student, who happens to be the biggest crush and chase of both Nancy and Douglas, then you know we live in times when the genes of men are falling apart. Dive into this literary masterpiece and have your appetite satisfied with truth and pleasure.

today with god

This Bible study devotional was designed carefully and fundamentally to meet the spiritual need of people, especially teenagers and fresh converts who are hungry for God either consciously or not. God’s intent for inspiring the book as communicated to the author is majorly to solve the fast thriving challenge of spiritual ignorance, divine bankruptcy and distorted understanding of God’s word and the rudiments of faith in Christ Jesus amongst our emerging folks. Ultimately, it is expected that the diligent and consistent study of the contents of this material will not only restore the user to sound spiritual vitality, that is developed through an unbroken and vibrant daily communion with God but will as well make of the user, -a seasoned, updated and relevant disciple of God’s word. It is God's very idea whose time has finally come. Receive grace to journey into a vibrant divine intimacy with God as you commit yourself to the use of this book daily.


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