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the relationship questionnaire

40 Questions and Answers for single people who desire to have great and awesome Friendships and Dating Relationships

enjoying her

Anyone who carefully studies nature would find that there really is no selfishness in nature. Competition doesn’t really exist in the nature. What exists are ecological niches, food chains, and balance. Positional Leadership systems also contribute to this self-centered attitude. People think that “If I am first, then I am better than others”. Numbers were never created to create competition but to put things in order. Competition creeps in when people buy into positional leadership. At the end of this straight-to-the-point read, my intention is to show you a more excellent way to live with yourself and others; and to help you see that you can rise just as other women around you rise. And then, you get to enjoy yourself and enjoy them at the same time.

purpose is in pieces

Purpose is not magic. It is not some “get-fame-quick” product. It is a process –a gradual process. It is not some grand fantasy scheme. It is in pieces –pieces that come together to form a whole. I trust that as you have picked up this book, you would make it to the last page. I guarantee it would be a worthwhile journey.


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