Nky Omeka

Nky Omeka is a graduate of Public Administration. She began writing as a hobby and has self-published several amazing books. Nky Omeka lives in Lagos, you can follow her on twitter @EzyyyNkey Instagram @nkyomeka

Books by Nky Omeka


Menduka is a strange girl. Sheathed by a dark secret, blessed with an astonishing beauty, she is stunning and captivating and attracts the attention of every young man she comes in contact with but she wants only one man, Udo. What is the myth surrounding her birth? Udo is quiet with a gentle demeanor, he wants to please his friend, Emenalo but finds out Emenalo is a greedy snake who is after his money. Now he feels his life will be in grave danger if he marries Menduka. For her love, he’s prepared to abandon the town he’s born in, why? Emenalo is ruthless and arrogant, poor; yet he's determined to make it big in life and the only way to succeed is to get his hands on Menduka’s secret. What is the secret? Ikenna is the son of a wealthy politician, who gets whatever he wants. Now he wants to marry Menduka. He has vowed that no man but himself marry her. Will he succeed knowing that Udo is involved with her? Set in the 80s, in a fast growing town, three guys; Udo, Emenalo and Ikenna are magically drawn against each other by a female force, Menduka. This is the uncanny story of love, passion, jealousy, mystery that would lead to murders. Who is the killer?

the unfortunate assumption

Dike, one of the most loved and respected men in his village, suddenly finds himself a widower. When he decided to marry again few years after the mysterious death of his wife, his only child Uloma encouraged him. They lived together as one happy family when Nwanna arrived until evil came calling again, this time for his beloved daughter. Who is after his family?

deceived by your charm!

Living in a small town with a routine old job; dating random guys because she’s never been lucky in love and in long term relationships, Myra yearned for a change. She longed to land the perfect job and the perfect man in a perfect city. Impossible she knew but an opportunity arrived when she was called for a job interview in the city and she crossed path with this ridiculously handsome guy. She was hooked and had to have him. The scenes that followed were explosive. What she didn’t anticipate however, were the series of events which unfolded that almost cost her, her life.

betray and betrayed

Happily married, Jumobi Adewura has everything she’s ever wanted in her marriage to her rich and successful husband Dotun or so she thought until her past resurfaced, bringing along with it juicy irresistible pleasures she had long forgotten. Now, her marriage is on the verge of breaking down and the only way to save it is to lay her hands on the ‘impossible to get’ secret recipe to win back her husband’s heart. Jumobi must go out of her way to get this recipe and save her marriage. Will Dotun’s love for her revert back to what it once was or will that lustful appetite cause her to lose everything?

blissful summer

The home she shares with her aunt and baby sister will go up for foreclosure very soon and if that happens, she and her family could end up on the streets. Peyton terribly needs a summer job to help her old aunt out and to save up for college. She encounters the elegant and endearing Shay Hillon and the Hillons invite her to spend the summer in their home. Peyton sees this as a golden opportunity to ask for a job. Then the arrogant and rude Tanner Hillon shows up and it isn’t her intention to fall for him, the problem is she’s a sucker for sexy and attractive guys. They soon discover they have this chemistry but their sizzling romance is under a lot of pressure. What happens when Shay finds out about their relationship? Will Peyton end up being kicked out of the Hillon Mansion and have her dreams of going to college tarnished?

my uncle's wife

Kingsley Egwu and his wife are madly in love and expecting their first child. Then he makes a decision to follow his uncle to Lagos (for the first time) for a mouthwatering job leaving his pregnant wife behind. He has no clue what he’ll be up against. He is drawn to his uncle’s charming and seductive wife, haunted daily by her sexy and alluring body. Can he overcome his adversities and go home, back to his wife and baby? Njideka gives birth without her husband in the picture. Making one critical resolution, she leaves home in search of answers. They’re thrown further apart…their love is put to the test. Will they ever be reunited?


News of her father’s heart attack forces Fowoke and her husband to travel home one weekend, she didn’t envisage encountering her worst nightmare there. Fowoke dreads Maria and has always been intimidated by her because Maria has the tendency to cause trouble for her and ruin her relationships. Can she stand up to her now that her marriage is on the line?

bizarre entanglement

Trapped in an unhappy home, Ronke Adegoke is forced to agree to Folarin’s proposal of marriage. She sees it as her only chance to escape her rich and abusive parents. It turns out Folarin also has a violent uncontrolled temper. Wedding date is set; she can’t back out now even if she wants to. She’ll have to live the rest of her life married to a billionaire abusive husband. Brasin Kromor agrees to take a bizarre job and comes face to face with the beautiful, timid and vulnerable Ronke Adegoke. He wants her to be his and it looks like she feels the same way too. Can he save her from what is about to befall her? Why do her eyes seem to be hiding so many secrets?

caught in the act

Austin Tella meets Kelechi Onwuka in an unlikely manner and falls hopelessly in love with her. He lets her slip away but it wasn’t intentional. Now his best friend Okey Anyankwo is married to the girl he thinks is his better half and he’s devastated. Austin can’t stand seeing them together and can’t stop obsessing over Kelechi either. He decides to marry Tonia as a way to get over her but will that complete him? Kelechi Onwuka is married to Okey Anyankwo for the wrong reasons and hiding the truth that her heart belongs to his best friend from him. Nonetheless, she’s trying to build a normal marriage but can she keep her emotions in check? Then something happens that she didn’t expect and her life is about to be entwined in this topsy-turvy drama. How deep will she go to cover up her surreptitious act?

not so perfectly concealed

• He was a lecturer in her university. . He was young, charming and she had a crush on him. • He was her first love. • He was the one who shattered her heart into a million pieces. What happens when she faces him again 13 years later? Vivian Iburesi-Thompson knows too well what pain and heartbreak is all about and has resolved never to let any relationship bring her down ever again. She’s at the top of her game now having worked extremely hard to become the Founder/CEO of a multi-million naira cosmetic company. She has also established herself as a formidable fashion and beauty icon. However, away from all the glitz and glamour is a past she would very much like to conceal.


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