Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.

Books by Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.

socio-economic appraisal of football betting among nigerian youths: blessing or burden

This book discussed about benefits and costs of football betting among Nigerian youths. The book evaluates gambling as a concept, origin, gambling explanation theories, problem gambling and religious perspective on gambling were evaluated. Forms of gambling, sports betting in Nigeria like pool betting, football betting also causes and purposes of gambling were discussed. The benefits of football betting such as employment generation, revenue for government, economic benefit to few luck bettors were noted as well the costs of football betting like inability to save money, addiction to alcohol, suicide, crime were expatiated. The role of the Church to curtail high rate of youth involvement in gambling as well strategies and policies that could help to curb youth propensity to betting were articulated.

the menace of petroleum pipeline vandalism

This book discusses petroleum pipeline vandalism in Nigeria, particularly in Osisioma Ngwa of Abia State. The book evaluates a brief survey of pipeline vandalism in Nigeria, reasons people are involved in pipeline vandalism such as general liberation struggle, economic reason, and as acts of sabotage. The patterns pipeline vandals operate were x-rayed. Causes of pipeline vandalism such as poverty, unemployment, government insincerity and poor state of development, corruption in the security sector and sabotage in the oil sector were noted as well the effects which include; economic loss leading to poor economy, fuel scarcity, destruction of lives and properties, environmental degradation, inadequate power supply. The book concludes that the menace of pipeline vandalism could be curbed through the effective and strategic role of the government, security agents, Church, mass media and the citizens.

appraisal of social media

This book intends to showcase how social media would be harnessed for the good of students. Chapter one elucidates the introduction to the study of social media in tertiary institution. Chapter two contains overview of the study. Chapter three explores brief history of social media, forms, features, types and challenges of the use of social media. Chapter four deals with appraisal of social media as a blessing and burden to students. Chapter five shows the methods to ameliorating the burden of social media. Chapter six which brings the study to a close. The study concludes that social media could be harnessed for a successful academic pursuit of undergraduates.

the menace of baby factory in nigeria

This book points out the menace of baby factory activities in Nigeria with a prompt call for strategic role of the government, security agents, mass media, good citizens and the Church to curb it in our society. Chapter one shows introduction to the study of baby factory activity in Nigeria. Chapter two gives an overview of the work. Chapter three explores the phenomenon of baby factory. Chapter four points to strategic roles to be played by the government, mass media security agents, citizenry and the Church to combat it. Chapter five concludes the work with recommendations.

the survival of african traditional religion

African Traditional Religion (ATR) is the indigenous religion practiced by Africans before the advent of Islam and Christianity. As these foreign religions were introduced to Nigeria, the early missionaries in their quest to eradicate African Traditional Religion and to impose the foreign religion on the indigenous people devised many ways to put ATR to extinct. These includes expedition, derogatory names as well as describing it as something evil which ought to not to be practiced by Africans. Thus, it seems that ATR has gone to extinct and is no more influential in our society. This book shows how ATR will survive despite the presence of foreign religions (Islam and Christianity) in Nigeria. In an attempt to examine the influences of foreign religions on the indigenous religion in Nigeria, it was discovered that foreign religions with their various cultures to Nigeria have both positive and negative influences on ATR. With these influences on ATR it seems that ATR will go to extinction but it will not because in matters of deeper things of life such as birth, festival, marriage, customs and death, Nigerians have remained largely followers of indigenous religion. Therefore, ATR will continue to thrive and influence Nigerians despite the presence of Islam and Christianity.


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