me against the stars

He is Mr. Perfect. A tech mogul who is famous, powerful, arrogant and ruthless. All he knows is money and sleeping with high class models around the globe. At 26, Wang Wei Li has the world in his hands but underneath the glamorous cover is a lost young man battling his dark demons. He is wild, dominant, powerful, brutal. Nothing seems to tame the mad lion in him but every power does have its kryptonite they say and he meets his when a mysterious girl ran into his car on that unfaithful day and his world turned upside down. Miss Mallory Obey is a struggling young woman with unlucky stars on her side. On an equally unlucky day of a stellar collision of the stars, her car crashed into a brutal and handsome tech billionaire named Wang Wei Li and their unlikely fate was sealed. Six months later,she found out that her younger brother fell gravely ill after a job interview at Mr. Wang Wei Li's tech company. She was on her way to the hospital to see him when she was involved in a hit and run accident and Mr. Wang Wei Li happened to be at the scene to save her. She woke up in the hospital and found out that her brother Ivory had a terminal illness that needed immediate surgery that she could not afford. His PR company seized the opportunity to offer her a deal that would paint the cruel Wang Wei Li as a saint. In order to save her brother's life, she must agree to a fallacious relationship with the devil himself. The problem is, everyone was against their relationship. From the wicked media, to judgemental eyes, opposing family, the skeletons hiding in her closet and the manner of man she is about to sell herself to. But the greatest battle she must face is against the stars who brought them together because they had nothing good in store for her. Two colliding stars, an accident, multiple smart phones, and the speed of internet were all it took to seal their unlikely fate.


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