Odunuyi Oluwatoyin

Sometimes serious, sometimes nah. Oluwatoyin Odunuyi is a student of Caleb University studying Mass communication. She has a passion for writing ever since she was little. She spends most of her time writing fiction and short stories. Toyin believes that fiction is a way people could connect with the real world. Writing has become a lifestyle for her, more than an addiction. She owns a blog about development disorders such as Autism and Cerebral palsy. Toyin wants to change the world doing the thing she does best_ Writing. She sheds light on gang violence, death sentence, rape and domestic violence. She hopes that one day the world would be a better place.

Books by Odunuyi Oluwatoyin

what i didn't know

Titilayomi had always lived her life oblivious to almost everything around her. Was it her father and mother’s strained relationship? Her father’s maltreatment towards her autistic brother, Dara? Or the real relationship between her and “her best friend?’’ She lived by her own saying “what you know would kill you”. This is a short story filled with lessons on the importance of speaking up to an injustice, understanding that pain is covered up in different ways and most importantly, learning that things aren’t always what they seem to be. She realized that people needed a share of their truth and made it a duty to tell those truths.

the savior

Jamila Nunn thought the worst thing to happen in Ajuaville was the menace group; the old nicks. But little did she know that being married to Benjamin Taj, the king of Ajuaville would be worse. With her father owing Benjamin a huge sum of money, he requests for either of the Nunn sisters. With everything going well for her sister, Jamila decides to give herself in to the rich man. She lives a life of luxury but has more problems than ever; fitting into her husband’s rich and popular life and family, nursing bruises and hiding them with makeup and violence. What happens when her freedom is based on exposing her husband’s darkest secret? Will she decide to say the truth and free the people from the misery? She either gets her freedom or death.


Sisters, Natasha and Shelia Matt are separated after Natasha is jailed for the murder of her three college roommates and sentenced to death by the state. 15 years after, 25-year old Shelia returns back to town, being engaged to Sportstar, Lorenzo Adams. Overwhelmed with the feeling of reuniting with her sister, Shelia attempts to get her sister out of Jail before she is wrongfully killed with lethal injection. Shelia experiences much more than she imagined; office discrimination, her romantic relationship under fire by the press, her father's past intentions and worst, Regret. Quietus is a book that shows perfect love for family, process of moving on, fighting for another chance in life and the impossiblity in forgiving and forgetting.


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