Ogunshola Yetunde Lois

Ogunshola Yetunde Lois is a lover of the word. She devours any literary works she could get her hands on. She is an author and an essayist. She is a great fan of period romance especially Medieval and Victorian. She also writes under the pseudonym Annabelle Simon.

Books by Ogunshola Yetunde Lois

the sight

Be careful what you wish for because you might just end up neck deep in trouble out of your desires. Dara wished she had someone to caution her when she wished for the impossible. A strange encounter with an old woman left her shaken to the core and with new abilities, powers that must be kept hidden unless she wants to be labelled by all and sundry as a witch. Dara has a gift which to her is nothing but a curse. There are moments she wished she never heeded the widow's call, that she never accepted the accursed gift. As a Seer, how does she relate with normal people? Too many times than she can count she held herself responsible for multiple deaths, all because she was scared of saying a word that could change the course of destiny. She knew that magic comes with a cost, a price that is usually too high to pay, also she’s much aware that changing the course of destiny will result in chaos in the worlds of the dead, the living and the unborn. How can she make a difference and at the same time exonerate herself from being a creature of two different worlds?


With freedom comes responsibility, and if one is not able to play one’s cards right, it is easy to find oneself neck deep in trouble. However, what becomes of someone is based on the choices made. I lost my parents at an early age and that was when I realized that I had no one. Those who promised heaven and earth at the gravesite disappeared and I was left alone in the world. I tried to turn to my parents' families but none is willing to be burdened with a teenage girl. A ray of hope in the guise of my parents’ mutual friend, the Hassans gave me the strength to forge forward. When I found out my father’s uncle sold my father’s house, I couldn’t keep quiet. I can’t sit back and watch what is mine become someone else’s. Don’t blame me for my actions (maybe you should), but I really need to let people know I am not someone to be trifled with. That was my goal. That was my ruin.

the sight: the beginning

An encounter seven years ago left Dara with a gift that is more problematic than helpful. She sees visions but these are always terrible ones depicting one tragedy or the other. Now she is searching for a solution and she is forced to go back but the woman who gave her the gift died seven years ago. What kind of gift did she accept from the old woman? The answer to this lies in the past, to the time when Kokumo lived and how she came in contact with that same gift. In a time when children get married to older men, in a time when families are troubled with abiku children, Kokumo was born. Lots of strange occurrences permeated her life and she had an encounter with Dara. How is Dara supposed to free herself from the spirit of the powerful Kokumo who gave her what would turn out to be her ruination?

my mom my wife

Daniel love two women in his life, maybe three if he were to include his private affair but that was old news and he really doesn’t feel anything anymore for his old flame or does he? Tara is the love of his life, the woman he had chosen amongst all others, the woman his mother had no hand in him marrying. For as long as he could remember, his mother has always been the most important person in his life but how did he managed to find himself torn between two women? Was bringing his mother in to live with him the biggest mistake and what would it mean for his marriage? It is not mere hearsay that mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law never get along. Such is the case happening to Daniel. On one side is his beloved mother who refuses to let him off her clutches and on the other is his wife Tara who would do anything to lay a claim on him. Martha moved in with Daniel and Tara immediately after they got married. Tara is doing her possible best to be on good terms with her nosy and manipulative mother-in-law, but does she have what it takes to get rid of the woman who has turned into a rival for her husband's affection? What about the fact that the mother-in-law from hell is trying to get her kicked out of her matrimonial home? Having a family is easy but maintaining one is extremely difficult. How do one cope with the family members especially mothers-in-law? What is the place of the woman in her husband's life and what is the place of a mother in her son's life?


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