Olamipeju Adekunle

Olamipeju Adekunle is a prolific writer, a TV host, Sex Education Advocate and the founder of THE GIRLS SHOW Nigeria. Olamipeju began THE GIRLS SHOW Nigeria from a radio platform on Unilag Radio 103.1fm as a weekly phone-in radio show. It first aired in April 2012. She moved on to organizing conferences for young women in tertiary institutions and secondary schools. She successfully organized and hosted 20 conferences reaching over 15,000 young women. She currently hosts her show “The Girls Show” on Channel 112 on GoTV. Her passion is to inform and empower young women and women in Nigeria through the use of role-modeling, interviews and sharing real-life stories.

Books by Olamipeju Adekunle

diary of a pregnant virgin

Where do babies come out from? I never knew until I got to the university. "Things mama never told me hurt the most" A virgin corps member of the NYSC returns home from the compulsory two-week orientation camp in the north to find out she's a pregnant virgin! Can a virgin get pregnant without penetration? Would a doctor explain this mystery? How would the people I love accept me? Would I survive alone in a strange land with this pregnancy? This intriguing book talks about the importance of Sex Education, finding the courage to face our fears and how to make lemonade out of life lemons.


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