Onyi Nnebedum

Onyi Nnebedum is the author of the following books and more: Beat The Rest And Become The Best, Lead Your Passion, Indispensable Bride, When Success Calls, Become The You That You Are Proud Of, Shoot At Millions, Made in Christ. He is also the author of Wisdom Donors; the Volume 1 has over 270 life-transforming nuggets. Onyi is a Personal Development (Confidence)/Career Coach, Thought Leader, Lead Author at Premium Authors Academy and co-founder of Designates, a youth focused NGO that carters for the career needs of the youths in both secondary and tertiary institutions, equipping them ahead of future demands. He is the content creator of the Foundation has initiated various arms of The Foundation. One of such is the Youth2Know Platform which holds her monthly mentoring session for the youths.

Books by Onyi Nnebedum

shoot at millions

The reality dawned on me the very day a young cousin of mine was being buried. While people cried that she’s no more, I wondered if they really understood the implication of her demise at such a young age. Is she the only one that would no longer feature here by reason of her demise? She had just passed at her prime as a young teenager. During the walk taken round in final view of her lifeless body, it suddenly dawned on me that what laid in that casket was more than a dead body of a young lady. It was a whole generation, one on whom the hope of millions hung. At that point, I wept so bitterly having realise there’re millions whose expectations have been dashed as a result of her sudden demise. Laid in that casket was a whole generation that had been denied of expression in this part of the universe, and more that would live without her contributions to this planet. The crowd that gathered at her funeral echoed this same fact. The incident that led to that untimely death was obviously a shoot at those millions. Not many are aware their life affects millions to consciously live it in the positive light always. This is a wake-up call!

when success calls

Between where you are now and the future you desire is something you must do, something that you should even be doing already. You may not have known yet what you should do (be doing), or you could even be doing something that’d yield contrary to your desired end. For many people, there is little or no relationship between what they wish to become in life and the things they find interest doing now. There is a way to know what should be done at any point in time. Success comes with such signals that are not so obvious. One has to be trained to possibly start recognising them. Your response WHEN SUCCESS CALLS will determine your next outcome. In WHEN SUCCESS CALLS, you’ll begin to understand the silent voice of success in everything around you as well as know the right response to give to always win.


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