Paul Foh

Books by Paul Foh

15 simple ways to sell anything to anyone

Everybody is in sales. No matter how good you are or how amazing your products are if you can’t sell then you can’t make money and impact people. In this book, 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE I will walk you through how to close big sales.

exceptional customer service

Without customer service its like making money and keeping it in a leaking pocket. In this book EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE i will show you how to WOW! your customer and keep them coming back for more.

rock the stage

Public speaking is a learnable skill that can help you succeed at work, at home, and in business. In this book ROCK THE STATE : 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC. I will show you step by step how to speak with power and conviction.


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