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strictly for wives

Every woman desires a man for herself alone but only a few have taken their time to understand the secrets of keeping the man away from the other woman. Unfortunately, many have grown weary and even given up on their quest to keep their men and resigned themselves to fate. Truth is the secrets of keeping your man and building an incredible family is resident in every wife provided we are willing to discover and deploy these time-tested secrets to our advantage. In the book you will find out the major difference between you and the other woman and how to combine both roles to safeguard and affair-proof your marriage. It's not sufficient for the 21st century woman to remain as wife to her husband she also needs to become his concubine.

common mistakes married men make

There is nothing wrong with mistakes when we can learn and avoid a repeat. But mistakes are also avoidable when we can activate our ability to learn from others. Too many of us have destroyed families that were headed for bliss by avoidable errors powered often by wrong beliefs. With the spate of divorce hitting an all-time high across the globe, there is a major need to discover a new template that works and can deliver a family that works. After working with troubled marriages for 16 years, this is what I have observed and my recommendation, which I believe can help every man become the SAVIOURS as against the saboteurs of their families. It is a new day.


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