Queen Ngozi Amadi & Ayomide Akinsola

Queen Ngozi Amadi is a Lady that believes in passion for profit. Her interest in Impact has given way and opportunity to tutor thousands to necessary skills they can earn from, and make a difference. She has always loved the entertainment industry for Leisures, as it’s the best way to truly express herself, and that made her perform movies on set, write a script once, and direct stage performances. Queen is a Socialpreneur; a Digital Marketer with love for Social Media Marketing, and story-telling which in its strength is Content Development. She is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the Delta State Polytechnic Otefe Oghara where she graduated with good grades. Queen is the convener for a tech-based program with women as the Core Focus “Tech Lady”. Queen loves to research, read, write, and listen to brilliant conversation.

Books by Queen Ngozi Amadi & Ayomide Akinsola

the ex i never dated

A story about two friends who were really close and were the envy of everyone who felt they were in a relationship. Christine wanted a relationship but Theophilus had other plans. It deals with the present day friendship circle, attitude and expectations.


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