Ray Anyasi

Books by Ray Anyasi

to live again

When crises broke in the tiny, crusty village of Gumau, Dami Koka and her colleagues found themselves lost in the vast savannah of northern Nigeria. Seeing her friends fall one after the other into the fatal hands of savage men and wild beasts, she began to rethink the essence of life –her life.

vantage 1

Dawal Yinusa, a Nigerian born US marine returns to his homeland to be wedded to the lady of his dreams. The honey moon isn't over before the bride goes missing. He would turn every street corner of the country to its head to find her.

vantage 2

After the face off between vantage and spidy at the sea port. Spidy managed to run away with some girls but vantage never loses an advantage, he attached a GPS tracker on Spidy as she was getting away

not a child's play

In the mid 90's in dictatorship oppressed Nigeria, Idris Mudaba is being framed for what is the deadliest crime of the time, the regime wants him dead -no one can save him but...


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