Rotimi Ogunjobi

Rotimi Ogunjobi, storyteller and folklorist, is the author of the acclaimed novels, Denge and Somber City, as well as more than twenty other novels, compilations, plays and children’s books. His writing , in nonfiction, fiction and children categories, have been published in several countries of the world and he has three children’s stories on the educational curriculum in Canada . Two short stories have on local awards, and one novel was on the long list for the now defunct Commonwealth Award. He is an avid podcaster, blogger, music producer and videographer.

Books by Rotimi Ogunjobi


He was just another unemployed youth, fed up with his failures and even contemplating suicide. But Denrele Gabriel miraculously wins the grand lottery prize and things begin to look a lot better for him. He also discovers that he has an amazing gift for winning in the lotteries, and this makes him very wealthy. The entire world, astounded by his uncanny luck, finally stands for Denrele Gabriel. But the lottery cabal are not amused, as several of them have gone broke and closed down because of the extraordinary luck of the man now popularly known as Denge. To their further frustration, their several attempts to assassinate Denrele fail. After Denrele breaks a peace agreement with them never to play the lotteries anymore, the cabal unleashes on him all the machines of war that they could find. But Denrele is once again saved by the hands of an unexpected angel of providence - a once jilted lover.

abubakar and the robbers

Abubakar was a poor woodcutter , until he discovered the secret cave where robbers hid their loot. He took some of the treasure away but the thieves notice that they have been robbed. They make several attempts to kill Abubakar and thereby keep their secret safe, but Abubakar is rescued by Halimah, his devoted house-girl.

ajala the terrible child and other stories

Ajala is a boy so terrible that even wild animals are afraid of him. Everyone in town is afraid of Ajala . In shame his mother took him inside a forest and there abandoned Ajala. He makes friends with some animals but soon they find that Ajala is a very wicked child.The animals run away but Ajala is in hot pursuit. Can the world be saved from Ajala the terrible child ?

matters of the heart

This book could save your life ! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world . People of all ages and backgrounds can get the condition. Matters of The Heart is an educational story set in The Union Club, a social club where two doctors have been invited to educate members on how to minimise their chances of contracting a cardiovascular disease , and how to improve their chances of surviving one. To the gathered members made up mostly of businesspersons, company executives as well as assorted professionals and tradesmen , Dr Vaughan discusses the relationship between hypertension , heart attack and stroke ; and shows how lives could be saved by paying attention to certain symptoms. Dr. Smith shows the disastrous consequences of stress on general well-being and advises on how to attain a less stressful lifestyle. Matters of The Heart is for everyone, young and old. The purpose of this book is to enable you live a more wholesome and healthier life.

somber city

Somber City is an evocative novel of the promise, expectation, and disappointment of post-colonial Nigeria. The novel illuminates, through a mix of fact and fiction, a seminal moment in modern history: Nigeria's fervent passage through a period of immense oil wealth in the 1970s to a sudden descent into a cataclysmal debt trap in the early 1980s. This chaotic period, captured within the city of Lagos, is experienced alongside the protagonist Femi Falashe, a young engineer seeking to get his life back in track after a sudden job loss, as well as five other unforgettable characters:

tales of tambolo

The town of Tambolo is a place where stories come alive - storues for education and entertainment. This is a collection of eleven fictional short stories for children set in a place from Tambolo Town. Stories include: The Elephant Trap, The Forbidden Orange Tree, The Wonderful Singing Bird, Ngozi and the Witch Who Ate Children's Dinners, The Magic Cooking Pot, The Unking Rich Woman,Tafa and the Friendly Spirits, Mama Wunika's Stolen Dinner. The King's Lost Son, Chichi and the Eagle, The Garden of Treasures.

the leopard and the galogalo

A foolish Leopard makes friends with a wily animal called the Galogalo, and suffers great misfortunes in consequence.Leopard makes friends with a crafty and evil animal called Galogalo. Soon after Galogalo eats all of Leopard's cubs.While trying to take revenge Leopard suffers humiliation and is eventually killed by Galogalo. What happens eventually to Galogalo? It also ends up in the same wicked way in which it had treated everyone else.

two dogs

An unfortunate dog named Lucky and an arrogant prize bulldog, become neighbors. The pampered bulldog is not impressed by and neither does it offer sympathy to the starving mongrel. By a chance encounter with a wealthy man both are brought face-to-face with the reality that they are merely two dogs - a suggestion which thoroughly irks the bulldog.The sudden death of their masters bring both to terms with a very bleak future ahead. However, constant hardship had prepared the mongrel well for such a situation, while the other contemplates the fear ahead. This short novel was adapted from a play of same title and also by the same author, Rotimi Ogunjobi. The story , a satire , dramatizes the class divides which naturally arise in most human communities.

the amala renaissance

Faced with severe financial challenges, Akin Alegongo and his wife Damilola, decide to set up an amala restaurant to replace Damilola's unprofitable hairdressing salon. Their new business, Amala Boutique is a huge success and they become local celebrities, to the admiration of their lawyer friend Marcus Dasofejo, who financed the enterprise. Akin Alegongo thereafter evolves an ingenious plan to entice and retain customers and also to create new branches of Amala Boutique all over the world. Thus was born the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Amala Renaissance, otherwise known as The Amalafarians. Amalafarians were encouraged to gather daily at the new Amala Temples to be fed with food and nutrition doctrine. But the local religious leaders are not amused, at the consequent depletion of their regular congregations. Honourable Ajala, a henpecked local politician eventually instigates Reverend Jackson into a plan to wipe out the Amala Temples. Their plan brings Akin Alegongo before a judge, where his only hopes rest on the legal skill of Marcus Dasofejo, the testimony of his wife Damilola and the treacherous accusation of their landlord, Alhaji Safiyu.

the bata dancer

Yomi Bello is a scriptwriter for the Heritage Theater. He has temporarily lost his job and his estranged wife has gone away with his only child. Yomi travels to a small rural town to take up a temporary teaching appointment in a private school, and to find a quiet place to rearrange his confused life. Yomi again meets with Baba Lamidi, a legendary Bata dancer. The reunion rekindles Yomi’s intention to write a new play, but his success will depend on how much he is able to learn of the mysterious language of the Bata drums and dance. There are great challenges along his way forward nevertheless. The native craftsmen and artists are hostile and contemptuous. Baba Lamidi is also old, frail and very often ill, which makes him an unreliable teacher. Nevertheless Yomi Bello is determined that his new play, The Bata Dancer will be the greatest dance drama to be played at the Heritage Theater when it eventually reopens. Bitter experiences have left Yomi with the fear of another relationship, and when Ajoke, the delightful and very helpful daughter of Baba Lamidi comes into his life, he finds himself in a desperate battle against his resolve. Ajoke becomes to him a healing angel for his innermost miseries and for a severe limp. She also teaches Yomi enough about the Bata culture to make him dance like a master.

gathering the words

Gathering the Words is an oeuvre of self-analysis in which the author reveals as philosopher, novelist, satirist, storyteller and playwright, the events that instigated each of the work selected for introduction in this book. The author creatively critiques the challenges of these times on a global scale but with greater emphasis on Africa and shows how they have influenced his writings. Gathering the Words brings to the reader honesty and brilliance that is only natural with true writers .The voice is unique, witty and memorable, a lively and powerful reflection of a simple love for storytelling.

the high-powered christian entrepreneur

It is the desire of every rational person to achieve measurable success in their occupation. However, most persons pass through life unhappy with most aspects of their lives. We crave a good life but rarely carry our aspirations beyond the belief it could be achieved through hard work often in the wrong professions. We regularly work at tasks for which we are not suited and regrettably end up with a poor imitation of what we imagine success to be. The author of this book affirms nobody was created to live a hard and unhappy life. He believes every person came into this world prepared for a specific task, which is called God's purpose and will not find fulfillment without finding this task and keying into it. And no matter how long you had missed it, there is the opportunity to make a clean start into your newly liberated life. The High-Powered Christian Entrepreneur is a book for Bible-believing Christians, both young and the old. It illustrates through instructions and activities how to rise again from life failures and create a new life enterprise suited to what God has fashioned you to be.


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