your greatness is in your talent

YOUR GREATNESS IS IN YOUR TALENT In today’s world where people everywhere are jostling for success through different means, Samuel Olugboye has a timely message for you: “You will achieve incredible greatness by sticking to your God-given talent”. Your talents or abilities are given to you by God to achieve greatness in life. Are you stranded, confused, not knowing what to do with your life, you are having before you a package specially prepared that will open your eyes to see the area of your giftedness, and how you can discover and develop it to achieve greatness in life. You will learn in this incredible booklet: What talent is all about. How to discover and develop your talent. What will happen when you neglect your talent. And above all, some crucial tips you need to enhance your productivity in any field of your choice. We prayerfully present this book to you, believing that the Lord will use it to open your eyes to know what He created you to do. An end has come to struggling in your life in Jesus name.

why wait for sex?

WHY WAIT FOR SEX? Why must I wait for sex? Is sex synonymous with love? Is it possible to totally avoid premarital sex? Does being a virgin really have any significance? How can I avoid premarital sex and its painful repercussions? If you are asking these questions, Samuel Olugboye, with his unique pattern of writing provides realistic and Bible-based answers for you. Sam says sexual purity for youths and singles is possible. “For the first 30 years of my life, I was not involved in sex. I was not an angel. I faced several temptations like other youths, yet the Lord helped me.” In this book, you will learn: The true meaning of sex The difference between love and lust The dignity of virginity Various misconceptions that cause people to engage in premarital sex. Why you must wait for sex Painful effects of premarital sex; Above all, the Helps you need to overcome premarital sex and a lot more. We prayerfully present this book unto you believing that the Lord will use it to liberate you from all lustful acts and immorality. This is a book you’ve been waiting for; it is not just information, it’s a revelation.


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