Sam O. Salau

Sam. O. Salau, Africa’s leading author on campus issues, is a Professional Student Consultant. Having been dealing and speaking with students for the past ten years, the National Students’ Coach, as he is fondly called by the generality of the academic community, has practical solutions to most of the problems students encounter in their academic pursuit. A regular speaker in all major student conferences in his country and its region, the young and dynamic University of Lagos trained Mechanical Engineer has published over 15 titles that are of help to the generality of students both in their academics and other areas of their lives. He is the most read author on campus issues in Africa. Most of his books are recommended study materials for students in his country. Among them are the best sellers Make Money While in School and Secrets of Successful Students. Some of his titles are also available in French. He is a teaching evangelist who is being used by the Lord to deliver so many youths and students who are under the oppression of the devil, thereby depopulating the kingdom of hell. His uncommon gifts and rare abilities have gained him respect among Christian leaders in his country.

Books by Sam O. Salau

the beauty of virginity

Every mother who desires that her daughter or son lives a sexually pure life must take urgent measures about it today. Years ago, young boys and girls who were not married were trained to always look down on counterparts who have lost their virginity and are sexually active. The beauty and the dignity of virginity was highly extolled, appreciated, and rewarded, even on the wedding day. Now, the story has changed. Young adults who have lost theirs untimely and under the most unreasonable circumstances seem to be the most celebrated while those who hold on to theirs are fast becoming endangered species in our communities today. Virgins now are mocked, embarrassed, molested and looked down upon. They are constantly pressured by peers to join their counterparts who have lost theirs. The society is so much saturated with sex. It has placed so much emphasis on immorality and promiscuity so much so that it looks as though it is the right thing to do. It is so broadcasted everywhere that you cannot miss it. In essence, the youths and teenagers of today have become very sexually aggressive, and the earlier we reckon with this fact and take preventive measures to guard against the sexual challenges of the day, the better for us. Truly, virginity is meant to be lost, but the timing of the lost, coupled with the circumstances that surround it, and who it is being lost to, is as important as the act of the loss itself. This book in your hands may be your most important contribution in saving the destiny of just one more teenager/youth from the werewolf of sexual impurity that is destroying this generation.

handling academic failure

A wise man takes his time to learn both the secrets of failure and success. He learns the secrets of failure to avoid failing and that of success to succeed. The essence of this book is not to build a monument around your failure, but to teach you how to get the best from your failure so that your life can bounce back and move forward despite the failure. Failure is not very palatable; it has dire consequences. You may be asked to reseat the examination, repeat the class, bag a carry over, asked to withdraw from school, or graduate with very poor and unsatisfactory grades. This is why most students detest failure, but some still fail anyway. Therefore, every student needs to learn how to handle failure so as to get the best out of it. If you have ever failed before, the last time you failed is the last time you will ever fail again; the truth you will learn from this book will guarantee that. However, if you have never failed before, this book will guarantee that you maintain the record of a clean slate all your days as a student on campus. This is all you need to put academic failure in its right place, and keep achieving success all your days on campus. This book will teach you exactly that; how to handle academic failure so that you can cross over the boundary of failure to the side of success in any examination.

look beyond school

Starting college is a major transitional stage in one’s life, but leaving college is a greater one. The day of convocation, which marks the end of this stage of your life coincidentally marks the beginning of another. It launches you forth into the larger world outside there; a world in which you have to find your own footing for yourself, a world which accommodates the survival of only the fittest. Such a world should not be entered unprepared for. The convocation ceremony is a bridge between the artificial campus life and the real world. It is a link between the imaginary future students build for themselves while on campus, and the factual world outside there, where, irrespective of your desires, only what you deserve is all you get. You will soon be a graduate, and the whole world will rejoice with you for a job well done, whether you pass out, as it is commonly said, or you fail out, which nobody dares say! Everybody comes to rejoice with you, at least, for going through school successfully and not dropping out on the way. That makes you a graduate, and it is worth the celebration. For you personally, if you must be sincere with yourself, the convocation day is always a day filled with both excitement and nervous apprehension. The convocation ceremony will soon be over. The music will soon fade. The dance will soon stop. Your guests will soon leave. The hall will soon be locked. And you will soon be left alone to do just one thing - decide what your fate will be! Look Beyond School: You will soon be a Graduate.

living a 1st class life with a 3rd class degree

This book is not about history, theory or theology. It is about bringing life to your dead dream of becoming a first-class personality in life, although you have a third class degree. Unknown to you, while on campus, the main reason why you really desired to graduate with a first class was not just for your friends to respect you or for your family members to be happy for having a first class graduate in the family. Much more than these, hidden somewhere within your heart, is a secret aspiration to want to live a first class life in the future. That dream should not now be aborted simply because you did not make a first class in school. Armed with this understanding, you will agree that graduating with a first class in school is only a means to an end and not the end in itself. The end in itself is living a first class life. The good news is that there are so many means to this end, and this book reveals those means. Know this for sure; nothing catches God unawares. Whatever happens, He knows about it. Sad as it may sound, God knew afore-hand that you may not fare better than you did, and He is prepared ahead of time to help you. He is not disappointed in you. God looks at things differently than man does. This is because man is easily impressed by the wrong things in life, neglecting the things that matters. Men may write you off, but God won’t: It is not in His nature: Adam and eve failed God’s exam in the Garden of Eden and could have easily been written off by God. However, the whole Bible is a record of God’s plan and effort to reverse that failure; that is God. He looks beyond the present into the future. Succeeding in school is not the same as succeeding in life; likewise, failing out of school does not necessarily mean you have failed in life. A pass mark in the first does not guarantee a pass mark in the other, and a failure in the first does not guarantee a failure in the other. You may be passing out with a third-class result now, but this does not make you a third-class material. Every student is a first-class material, only that the field in which they excel differ. Those who excel in academic work are easily noticed and awarded first-class earlier than others. But this is not to say others cannot excel in other fields.

how to make money while in school

Only God can accurately estimate how much money flows around your campus on daily basis from one hand to the other in exchange of a needed good or service. At least, two of every ten students you meet on your campus have your money in their wallets! But unless you do something, none of it will flow towards your end. If you are a student, have you ever thought about making money as a student while on campus? How possible is it to successfully combine your academics as a full time student, your spiritual life as a religious person, and still have time to make enough money to make ends meet while on campus and to build a great foundation for your financial life after leaving the four walls of your campus? But it is possible. This book will open your eyes to the numerous wealth opportunities that abound all around you on your campus, and the potentials embedded on the inside of you to take advantage of these opportunities, to the advantage of your life. It is a book every student can not do without. Among other things, this book will show you * 100 Businesses you can do on campus * How to know which is best for you * How to start up your business as a student * How to raise the capital you need * Why students’ businesses crumble * How to guard against such in yours * Investment opportunities available to students * How to balance it up with your academics

running a successful youth ministry

This is not just another book on leadership. It is a compilation of things I have learnt about leadership which I wished I had learnt earlier than now! The purpose of this book is to correct the anomalies in the upcoming leaders and encourage the birth of a new breed of leadership among our youths. This book will bring clarity to the issue of youth leadership, forewarning every leader ahead of time about the challenges of leadership and forearming them with needed facts to do a successful work among the youths. If you are involved in youth leadership, this book is meant for you. Regardless of the level at which you exercise your leadership, be it in your church, on your street, in your class, department, faculty, hostel, dormitory, student union government, fellowship, or even in your room! All youth leaders must read this! As long as you have a measure of influence somewhere, and on someone, no matter how minute or how enormous, and you desire to exercise your influence in a better way, this book is written with you at the back of my mind. This book will help you navigate your way through the subtle ocean of youth leadership, charting your course through to success. It is skillfully written to equip every young leader with the necessary tools to press through barriers and to get the job done. If this book can change the life of at least one youth leader, I will be the happiest for it; knowing fully well that the changed live will affect several other lives, and the several others will affect several others, until all the future leaders of the future generation are all touched. I sincerely prayerfully hope that one life that will start this chain reaction will be you - I mean the person holding this book now.

powerful prayer points

Words are not cheap. Words can kill. Words can heal. Words can start wars and end wars. Words can make a man smile and they can make him weep. Words can create and can destroy. Words are powerful, especially when used rightly in prayers. Jesus said words could move mountains if rightly used. The Bible teaches that life and death are in your words. So your words matter a lot. Your confession matters. God wants you to speak the right set of words so that He can change your life. "But if you have anything to say, go ahead. I want to hear it, for I am anxious to see you justified. (Job 33:32) The devil is also carefully waiting to catch the wrong set of words in your mouth so that he can put you in bondage. "You are snared by the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your out" (Prov. 6:2) So you determine on whose side you fall by the kinds of words you speak. This is why you need to always confess positive things into your life with your own mouth when praying. This book is a collection of powerful words and prayer points with scriptural references that can change situation if confessed often. It will show you the power of prayers. It is a must for every student who desires a change in his present situation, academic or otherwise.

academics and your spiritual life

With this book in your hand, you are in a perfect moment for a radical change and total restoration in both your academics and your spiritual life. It will definitely teach you 'How To Strike A Balance Between Your Academics And Your Spiritual Life And Still Excel In Both With Ease'. Note: Beware! Do not read this book unless you are ready for a change, because it will definitely cause you to change.

boost your grade point (gp)

The earth is governed by rules called natural laws. These rules work irrespective of location, race, religion and colour. As there are natural laws that govern the earth generally, so also there are natural laws that govern academics too, which most times are either not known to students, or known but not taken too serious. This is the core of students’ problem with G.P. It is either because of something they need to do which they consciously or unconsciously are not doing, or something they need not do which they constantly find themselves doing. This is the essence of this book, to teach both of these, and to keep your G. P. ever soaring.


There are things you need to put in place to make sure you graduate from this campus in one piece, and with a very good degree. This is what you have in this book - essential materials that you need to make the best use of this golden opportunity before you. It is recommended for every Year One student in any of the nation’s higher institution


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