Sarah Akpu

Books by Sarah Akpu

the healer

Having lost her parents to the icy hand of death despite being a healer who could speak and hear roots and herbs, Mmachi decided to heal others with her healing gift with no favor in return. Being a product of a polygamous family where hatred and jealousy dwelt, Mmachi had no option but to find solace in her gift. A gift passed down to her by her late grandmother. Her healing ability traveled to near and far away kingdoms as kings and warriors clamour to meet this healer that could heal any diseases. Just after she has built an empire for herself in her kingdom, tragedy struck. Accused by her father's second wife and banished from her land Mmachi went through perilous times in the forest until destiny found her in a new kingdom whom through prophecy had heard about the coming of the healer who would heal them of their plague. The king of the new kingdom that has just rescued her has just been poisoned and only her healing can vindicate her. A story of true love, betrayal and family.


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