Segun Egbeyinka

Books by Segun Egbeyinka

the illusionist

The Illusionist is a story of a boy, Lekan, who discovers he has a strange ability to false realities. Born into abject poverty with an abusive father, Lekan begins to use his illusions as a way to get away from a difficult life. Soon, his best friend Hakeem got to know of his ability and carelessly reveals same to No Mercy, the highly feared and notorious street boss. While the young Lekan couldn't see anything better use of his ability than to get away from a difficult life, No Mercy saw it as a great opportunity to further enforce his dominance of the street and make huge gains. No Mercy goes ahead to train Lekan to master the use of his ability and soon begins to use the younger man to perpetrate a variety of crimes. Although Lekan would have objected to being used in this way, he didn't have much of a choice as to reject was to put the life of his loved ones in danger. The wide extent of the crimes soon attracted the attention of law enforcement and a careless decision by No Mercy led to the capture of Lekan. Rather than bring shame to the family Lekan chose to go to prison in secret. Rather than being reformed, prison hardened him as the years went by. Although he had promised never to use his ability again, the intense molestation in prison forced him to result to its use over and over again, but in a stranger dimension than before. In the end, he came out of prison worse than he had gone in, and without an alternative means of livelihood, he resulted to a life of crime. Olaitan is a man with a grudge. He had sworn over everything he held dear to bring his father's killer to justice. The only trace he had to his father's killers was their ability to create a false reality. A strange twist is presented in the story as Lydia, Lekan's first love and the prime reason behind his imprisonment, falls in love with Olaitan. She is therefore caught in the middle of two worlds; trying to stop her fiancé from arresting and killing her first and true love.

giants: biography of fifty great entrepreneurs and lessons

To be successful at anything, it is important that you learn from the lives of those who have been there before you. It is on this premise that the grandiose idea of mentorship stands. Isaac Newton once said, " If I have seen further than other men, it's because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." The business world also has a sufficient number of giants, on the shoulders of whom any aspiring entrepreneur can stand. This book beautifully examines the lives of fifty of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and the peculiar characteristics or strategies that made them rich, famous, and so successful.

the art of bluffing

Most people are more ignorant than you think. They only claim to know what they know and most of the time they get away with it. The bluffs of the world are oftentimes the most successful, this is due to their charisma and bravado which, although maybe false, captures our fantasy and impresses us. We, humans, are naturally attracted to people who appear confident and comfortable with themselves. They hold our attention and we worship and idolize them. That is the idea behind politics and mentorship. This book centers around ethical bluffing and how you can use it to your advantage.

murder in green houses

He prowls at night. He enters through opened windows and unlocked doors. He sneaks up on his victims. He stabs. He slashes. He rapes. He kills. All with reckless abandon. He is your everyday man during the day, but a monster at night. He fears no one, he respects no one. He is the thing of your worst nightmare. Murder in Green Houses tells the story of one of 20th Century most prolific serial killers.


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