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Books by Sharon Abimbola Salu

the aso-ebi chronicles 2

Someone has been stealing expensive jewelry from Alhaja Munirat Rahman, a fabric and jewelry merchant. It is up to Wura Oyelese, her 20-something year old niece, to unmask the culprit. As she nurtures a budding romance with the self-proclaimed suave efiko, Kola Adegbenro, and pursues the highly-coveted title of Miss UNILAG, will Wura catch the thief?

the aso-ebi chronicles 1

Bewaji is a 24-year old woman who is hired to investigate a strange case involving an American woman romantically involved with a man living in Nigeria. The presumption is that the woman is a victim of one of the popular "romance scams." Will her suspicions be proven right?

the last komole

Komole is the name given to a popular Nigerian dance move, which literally means "bend down low." A group of ambitious college students visit a local nightclub in their small, university town. What starts out as a typical night out quickly takes a turn for the worse. By the end of the night, dancing the komole takes on an unexpected, but very significant meaning.

the life and times of two flared nostrils

The troubled relationship between a man and his wife takes an unexpected turn when he borrows a lesson from his past.

1, 2, 3 disappear

On a routine trip to the market, a houseboy meets some visitors from out-of-town who change the course of his life.

nosa's wedding

A young Nigerian woman prepares for her white wedding to her boyfriend of 3 years. Their relationship has outlived unusual trials. However, what happens on the day of the wedding will determine the future of this couple.

dear obajimi

After the mysterious disappearance of her husband, a woman writes a series of letters in a desperate attempt to make sense of the calamity of a missing spouse. these letters provide insight into the life the couple lived before Obajimi's disappearance and the hurricane of changes that occur while the police invetigate. By the last letter, will she discover what happened to her husband?

dear morenike

Set in the '90s, this sequel to Dear Obajimi is told from the perspective of the missing spouse. In 1998, the same year Morenike writes to her husband, Obajimi pens one long letter in response. His letter examines his own point of view of their marriage, dwelling on issues of identity, love and commitment. Ultimately, he answers the question Morenike, his now estranged wife, asked in her letter. told in the voice of the husband, this short story explores the challenges that threaten the fragile relationship of a young African couple. Can there be forgiveness, healing and second chances after abandoning a spouse?

keke love: a lagos tricycle romance

Lande Babajide is on her way to an all-important job interview. She is running late, and decides to take keke maruwa, also known as keke Napep, a comercial tricycle and popular form of public transportation in lagos. Keke Love is a short story about an unforgetable journey to love and romance which changes the lives of two people forever. There are many paths to love... This is one of them.

okada love: a lagos motorcycle romance

Eyimofe Oritsemyiwa hates okada motorcycles, and sworn off them. But one morning, a chance encounter with an unusual okada driver makes her re-consider her anti-okada stance. The okada driver, Tunde Daniels, also happens to be the charming CEO of a motorcycle startup, and they quickly become friends. However, Eyimofe is in a committed, long-term relationship with Benjamin. As her friendship with Tunde deepend, Eyimofe must decide who to give her heart to. Okada love is a short story about an unforgettable journey to love and romance which changes the lives of two people forever.

unfriending mama

When his mother joins facebook, Dekunle is faced with a decision: unfriend or remain friends. The choice is loaded with consequences . . .

danfo love

Talk about Love unexpected! Danfo Love tells an intriguing love story of how little inconveniences can hold blessings in disguise.

kabu kabu love

You never know what you might find at the back of a Lagos cab. With rain and a flooded street Nike finds the past can lead to something great,

on the road to makurdi

A young man travels from Lagos to Makurdi for one purpose: to meet a young woman he has never seen before. However, a chance encounter with a stranger on his journey will change his life profoundly.

toasting her

David Njoku, a shy and studious 20-year old, believes he has found the girl of his dreams. The only problem is that he has never actually spoken to her. To complicate matters, David learns that she might be embroiled in a nasty scandal on campus. Will he overcome his shyness and pursue the girl he has fallen in love with?

shine your eye

Seni's older brother, Dele meets an attractive young woman on campus. Her name is Veronica. As Seni becomes acquainted with more details of Veronica, she believes that this woman is not who Dele thinks she is. Will her stubborn brother take his sister's advice or learn the hard way that a woman's intuition is often right?

a goat called curry

A Goat Called Curry

a chicken called peri peri

A Chicken Called Peri Peri

easter in lagos

Easter in Lagos


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