Sinmisola Ogunyinka

Sinmisola Ogunyinka is a Nigerian writer, wife, mother, and craftsman of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers' Guild. She lives with her family wherever the Lord leads her husband to start a church.

Books by Sinmisola Ogunyinka

52 ways to provoke god

52 Ways to Provoke God is a devotional written in a unique style to capture virtues that will help every Christian to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. Each chapter is equipped with scriptures that relate to the virtue in the chapter, and prayer points that should be used during our quiet time, on a weekly basis. The attempt of this devotional is to build characters that provoke God’s blessings upon our lives, by identifying with the contemporary challenges we face every day, and every single one of the 52 weeks of the year; and proffering ways of escape for temptations; counsel for fruitful living; exhortation for building relationships that will endure and impact; and lessons on loving, serving and pleasing God.

boss lady

She carried herself as an old maid, and being the head of her unit in the office didn’t help matters for Theresa’s heart. She was in love with her staff, and didn’t know what to do about it, especially because Dino ignored her just as much as she did him. However, her lust drove her to the extreme, and Theresa would either lose her job, or burst.

complimentary night

In Complimentary Night, Tasha is a beautiful woman, who desperately needs money to pay for her mother’s surgery. After losing her job as a banker, she succumbs to pressure from her old friend to sign up for prostitution in a high class hotel, just till she raises the money she needs. Her first customer turns out to be Frank Burns, one of the richest men in Nigeria, who is lodged in the hotel only because his estranged father booked him there.


Dr. Amarachi Obi-Okeke combined beauty with brawn. As the only child of wealthy entrepreneurs, her husband had to be perfect. He had to be smart, and ready to take over a multi-million naira empire at home and abroad. By all standards, Okechukwu Okafor did not measure up and Amarachi may have to forfeit her bright future, or dump him.

even the lawful captive

Afoma, like all the other girls and men in Chief’s estate feared the guy called ‘Texas.’ He had a reputation for being brutal, and never failed to execute his assignments to perfection. Afoma never imagined Texas would take any interest in her. But then he did, and like all his other assignments, was bent on succeeding in having a relationship with her. But a relationship with Texas would jeopardize everything Afoma lived for, including her life.

frail flesh

Twenty years is a long time in a man’s life. For Otto Alexander, he rose from a troubled childhood to build a business empire. For Roan Joseph, she got past a teenage trauma to become a self-made, confident and career-driven woman. The day they met, twenty years’ achievements got a new meaning and a new definition. Putting their challenges and achievements aside, they plunge into a love affair both never knew they had a capacity for, embracing a new found love for God and for one another with zest. But this new life must come at a cost because both have secrets that threaten to destroy their fragile balance – demons from Otto’s past are unrelenting, and Roan must come to face the reality of who she really is and forgiveness. Can they truly maintain courage, even in the face of the Frail flesh is a tale of love, fate, determination, resilience, fruits of repentance

just like play

Chiamaka got entangled in a deceitful plot he could regret for the rest of his life. With the discovery that he had fallen in love with Ari, a woman he met under a pretense on the Internet, he’s conflicted on whether to come out with his true identity or not. But at what price? Would telling Ari the truth not break more than the deceit, but their hearts as well?


Pamelle got herself nicknamed pepper just because she is hot like the small Italian pepper. But when she meets the gentle parish pastor of Unchanging Faith International Church, Obasse Edim, both are faced with the greatest character challenge they had ever encountered.Obasse, who was the groom’s local pastor, had been asked to preach the sermon at Akim Duke’s wedding to Emmanuelle Ukpabi, in Emmanuelle and Pamelle’s local church. He had been unable to take his eyes off the maid of honour, who also happened to be the twin of the bride. And she noticed.


Following the brutal murder of her husband Moses, Abigail is detained as prime suspect. None of the witnesses agreed to testify especially because Moses had accused an anonymous rival of having an affair with his wife, shortly before his death. Abigail maintains her innocence, and with no evidence, is released. But Elijah, Moses’ younger brother takes the law into his hands, and will stop at nothing till justice is served, even at the expense of his heart.

scent of water

Paediatrician Esam Bassey thought she had everything she ever wanted in life — a thriving career, a house of her own, and a children’s ministry that provides her with a sense of purpose and meaning. All of that changed one day when a prisoner named Mike Dabi appears in a disturbing dream. With her once staid existence transformed into a realm of mystery and uncertainty, the timid, lonely paediatrician sets out to discover its meaning — and ends up finding love in the unlikeliest place.

serve a kobo

Teddy Adu is the perfect good guy with enough wealth to support his status. Being a loan-shark wasn’t one of his favourite attributes though but he succumbs to pressure to get his loans paid through service. When Toke comes to his house as a cleaner, to pay off her mother’s debt, Teddy finds himself drawn irresistibly to her beauty and charm.


Shattered beyond reason from her first relationship, Toya is convinced she can never love again. After years of physical and emotional therapy, and a change of her career, she finally begins to build another life, one she is sworn to exclude love.Captain Odion however is convinced beyond doubt he has found his life partner but can he convince Toya she is the one?

sister minister

In God’s divine plan, He sent them two by two, which means we have a help at all times. Sister Minister is such a help for women. A guide, a companion and an encourager for women from all walks of life, and the men who love them. In this volume of different true-to-life stories, you will meet women who remind you of who you are, and where you’ve been; women like you, and women like you want to be. Through their faith, strength, joys and challenges, you will share and grow with other sisters in Christ. Alone you may chase a thousand, but with lessons from these larger-than-life women, you will chase ten thousand.

strength of character

Strength of Character is a devotional and workbook for Sister Minister. First published in 2003, it remains relevant today as it is a character-based devotional. It is meant to be used by individuals to help build up their devotion and daily walk with God. It is useful during family devotions, small-group discussions, bible classes, and house fellowships and koinonia as well. Consisting of 31 days, each designed to assist in the devotion and discussion sessions, and to serve as a guideline to our prayer time. It is rich, and should be used for the whole day, not necessarily during the quiet time alone.

the days after that night

Can a man like Dinipre Brisibe consider polygamy? A deacon without guile, married to a perfect woman, with a perfect family life? Yet, Dini finds himself in love with a woman he wasn’t married to. Mama lived all of her life for her children. After the death of her husband, she continued to hold a strong bond in the family. Now her first son marries against her wishes, and Mama will stop at nothing to make sure her son gets his due. Oyinemi just wanted to do the right thing, and show gratitude for the benefits she otherwise may not have gotten, but a demand on her womanhood will drive her morals to an extreme. Can she willingly compromise her conscience? The days after that night are full of conflict, deception, betrayal, loyalty, high suspense, and emotional tension.

the devil lied

The Devil Lied is an exposition of some of the lies of the devil taken as truth. An attempt has been made by the author to write in simple, easy to read, easy to understand language, so that every child (from age seven), youth, and adult, will enjoy as well as learn, and be ministered to through the pages of the book. There is an important counsel for parents and guardians, on how to help their wards, and also, advise to the youths on how to keep themselves, and be counted amongst the remnant that God is depending on to remain preserved according to His divine plan.

the other sister

British-raised Banji couldn’t be bothered who got married first, the elder or the younger. He was engaged to Deke, Abike’s younger sister. Abike’s family didn’t like the idea but since Abike had chosen a life of recluse for herself, the family had no choice but to allow Deke to go ahead with her marriage. But half-way through the plans, Banji begins to act up. Before anyone knows what’s going on, Banji takes a scandalous decision that throws everyone into confusion, especially Deke and Abike.


Abbey Ilori, a Lagos student teacher is posted to Abagboro Community High School, a secondary school in a remote village far from his home and all he is used to, as part of the requirements for his university degree in Post-primary Education. Abbey must cope with teaching English to local children who speak nothing but their dialect, and at the same time endure the rudiments of living in a village. There he meets Toro, another student teacher from another state, and they develop a close bond. But new arrivals of four graduates on the National Youth Service Corps programme will change the colours of Abbey’s stay and successful completion of his programme in Abagboro village.Throw in Abbey’s infatuation with one of his beautiful students, Bisi, and the intrigues that surround the girl makes Tisha a beautiful tale of survival in the toughest terrains, a touch of romance and a daunting race against evil men.

wisdom for newly weds

Wisdom for newlyweds takes you through the first year of the marriage experience as husband and wife. The stories open up little, and big issues that can come up, though the marriage is young. You won’t believe how deep it can be till you read this. The stories are fiction based on true-life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed, learning, and changed.

wisdom for men

Wisdom for men takes you through the man’s ordeal as a husband, a father, a brother, a son, a friend and a lover. You won’t believe how deep it can be till you read this. For non-male readers, it helps you to understand the mind-frame of men. The stories are fiction based on true life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed; learning, and changed.

wisdom for pastors

: Wisdom for pastors is written in a unique style that brings an insight to a young pastor through an older and weathered pastor. Every pastor will learn more than one lesson from this book. If you are a pastor’s wife, called into ministry or desiring to understand the office of the priest, then this is a must read for you. The stories are fiction based on true life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed; learning, and changed.

wisdom for staying married

Wisdom for Staying Married talks basically on what the author calls the language of marriage. The language has to be spoken for marriage to work. Many marriages have failed when the couple do not understand, or refuse to speak this language. Just like every language has tone, diction, alphabets and so on, marriage also has its language and this language is taught in this book. You won’t believe how deep it can be till you read this. The stories are fiction based on true-life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed, learning, and changed.

wisdom for women

Wisdom for women takes you through the woman’s ordeal as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a step-mother, a friend and a lover. You won’t believe how deep it can be till you read this. For non-female readers, it helps you to understand the mind-frame of women. The stories are fiction based on true life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed; learning, and changed.

your wish is mine

Omomo never imagined her parents would arrange a marriage between her and the rich, lofty Denrele Benson-Giwa, but they did. Conflicted about her feelings for the successful poster boy, and his arrogant attitude toward her, Omomo must decide to play dead, and allow Denrele’s wishes to over-ride hers, or throw caution to the wind, and risk heart-ache.

what's good for the goose

Almost three years into a budding relationship, Tony breaks off with Melisa without provocation. Heart-broken and confused, Melisa is convinced she can never love again. Then Bryan, Tony’s best friend shows up on her doorstep with a proposition. Every aspect of Bryan’s plan lacks moral justification, and Melisa feels compromised. Bryan is convinced Tony will have no problems with his plan, but what if he’s wrong?

love come by

Bola has it on personal experience that once beaten makes you twice shy. After Jojo Damijo dumped her in the most ungentlemanly way, she decides to give herself breathing space and re-analyze her relationship goals. Perhaps she was asking for too much. With a godmother breathing down her neck to give Jojo time, and a friend who thought she was being a fool over him, Bola succumbs to her friend’s suggestion to get a “faked” proposal, which they hope would wake Jojo up and get him interested in Bola again. But Ken Dibia from Delta, her “arranged” fiancé begins to rankle. And Bola starts to second-guess her decision to try this method of warding Jojo off.


In ÌKA, Ile Kingdom is besieged by the formidable Ìka, prince of Owa Kingdom, who has swept nearly all of the far western kingdoms of 19th century Yorubaland with victory upon victory in war. Onile, King of Ile, sends a frail gift in the person of his last daughter, 15-year-old Ero, but the risk of success is very high. Will the naïve teenager change the decisions the seasoned warrior-prince makes? Or will he steal her heart before she can? ÌKA is a beautifully-woven tale of faith and fear, compromise and compliance, one that should transport the reader to a time when slaves and masters were the only existing statuses.


Battered novel is a short fiction story told from the character point-of-view on the romantic journey to getting married. It is true romance that should leave you warm and dreamy. When the police found Sybil in Jimmy Bowale’s living room, she was naked, and battered beyond recognition. She was also implicated in a big criminal case. His parents wanted to go for the jugular, and would have, but his instantaneous attraction to her put him between her and them. Even after her name was cleared, they refused to be convinced. Could he fight for her and win? Though he realized too late his greatest battle was not with the people around him, but indeed, Sybil herself.

the truth, the lie and the dare

Chico has always been a butcher, the son of a butcher and the grandson of a butcher, and the violent nature of his job had finally taken its toll. He is remote, angry, and searching for something. Something he finds in Christine, a lady who’s got seemingly everything existing only in Chico’s dream world. Christine Bello presents as the perfect career woman from a rich and influential family but her relationship choices all seem to be wrong. Even Chico Ode turns out to be from a different class her family would not accept. Torn between her job, family, church, and the truth, Christine dares to fall in love but she’s not the only one with a lie, and shadows in her life. As the reality of their choices unfold Chico is forced to answer many questions of his own, or forfeit the opportunity to have his dreams come true.

her lover

Nikky goes missing a few days after her birthday. Her roommate and best friend, Amanda, is worried about her and reaches out to CJ, Nikky’s boyfriend, a notorious defense attorney, for help. CJ is in for a shock when he discovers Nikky’s lifestyle but agrees to follow a wild lead to find her, questioning his motives because of his attraction to Amanda. The lead ends the duo on a bush path, but only opens another deadly one with Amanda on the run for her life and CJ desperate to keep her from harm to pursue their mutual attraction. Shrouded in past sins and the fear of old aggrieved alliances, Amanda must make up her mind to either let CJ continue to get closer or fight her battles on her own with scary consequences.

under a red delta sun

In Under a Red Delta Sun, three teenagers fight for survival under the least likely circumstances in a world ruled by evil men. There is fifteen-year-old Asabi Ajayi, who is so close to getting away from her abusive stepfather, her best friend, and ally, Temly Cole, who suddenly goes missing without a trace, and Fela Peter, whose Christian family treats him like an outsider. Alone and afraid, the three must make a daring journey to freedom.


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