Success Timothy Ayo

Timothy is a Teacher, Writer and Computer science Enthusiast. He's currently based in Akure, Nigeria.

Books by Success Timothy Ayo

broken edge

Olufemi Babamide has been posted to Cross River for his NYSC service. Prophecies that signal caution had gone before him. Now he faces a time of a major decision, far away from home. The cloud is full. The rain will fall. He can only guide against floods. But with a Broken Hedge, the wall may crumple, the gate bend and the safe shelter collapse. God’s wisdom or satan’s subtlety; he can only choose one.


Dessertics can be considered as a collection of poems which revolves around the aspect of hope, pain, spirituality, success and fear. This book is perceived as a thought-provoking piece of literary work that sounds like the tales of a being just back from a long journey of life. The title of this book also speaks so and cultivates a sense of enthusiasm in the reader to search for the understanding of ‘dessertics' and what essentially the author is talking about. Timothy’s creativity in this piece of work remains outstanding, as it leaves the reader anxious to see occurrences that comprises of human beings. He ensures the verses speak interactively. It get readers automatically responding to it. Finely displayed words weren't left out, metaphors stand proudly punctuated upon almost every single poem, as in the case of the poem TASTELESS, "...frogs began to rush through the throats of men. Many began to croak." However, the central idea of the book revolves around understanding human nature, deeds, struggles, and how we react when life happens and our weaknesses and potentials come to play. This collection promises you a time-worthy, intriguing and thoughtful moment. Be prepared to be mesmerized!


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