TM David-West

Theo David-West is a fiction writer with two pen names: TM David-West and Sophia Bernard. She’s also a fiction editor and a book cover designer. When she’s not writing stories, playing around with designs or blogging on lifeandspices.com, she is wife to a sane man, voracious reader of romance novels, and other kind of books, and an almost movie addict—especially the kinds they show on TV. She does like to connect with her readers, so you can reach her via: Email: tmdavidwest@lifeandspices.com tmdavidwest@gmail.com sophiabernard198@gmail.com Or follow her on : Twitter: @TMDavidWest Instagram: @tmdavidwest or @sophiabernard_writer or @theodoradavidwest

Books by TM David-West

operation stop the wedding

Business arch-rivals, Alexandra Ameze Iguodaro and Reginald Akin-Thomas, must put aside their mutual dislike for each other and rivalry to stop a wedding. So, they declare, ‘operation stop the wedding!’ and went into combat mode to win back their significant others. But what they did not bargain for was the feelings that started sprouting inside of them… And the bride and groom having plans of their own! Operation Stop The Wedding!… a humorous and heart-warming romance novel.


Erika has a gift that allows her see the future in her dreams. While this gift has always made her wary from childhood, nothing prepares her for the strange woman she meets in her last dream, this strange woman is on the run from a powerful sorcerer. It gets worse when she is told in yet another dream that she must contend with the sorcerer to save the strange woman, Lota. While Lota has the gift to manipulate dreams to whatever she wills, neither of their powers are strong enough to defeat the sorcerer. Advent opens the Mystical Encounters series where two women must recognise and accept who they truly are if they are to conquer a dark and malevolent spirit.


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