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justice according to vengeance

Simon Bolarinwa seems to have it all. At just 37 years old, he runs a very successful business in the financial services industry in Lagos, Nigeria. He is intelligent and ambitious, and is successful beyond even his own perfectionistic dreams. He is also a stud, even if he says so himself, and has his pick of the prettiest and most intelligent women in the city. But apart from all that, the very best thing is his little girl, Remi, in whose eyes the sun and the moon rise and shine. Ten-year-old Remi is his only child, from his crashed marriage, and the only person Simon's selfish and self-absorbed heart seems capable of loving. Simon's ex-wife Karen is aware of this and she uses Remi to punish Simon every opportunity she gets.

the long and short of it

The Long and Short of It is a collection of 16 long and short stories that have been inspired by and based in three beautiful cities; Lagos, London and Calgary. These stories follow the lives of different Nigerian women and the different challenges and situations they find themselves faced with. The ‘heroines’ in these stories are not your typical girl-next-door types. They are eccentric, flawed, funny, opinionated, brave, brilliant, silly, manipulative, and sometimes out-right crazy. Walk the streets of these cities, feel their pulse, and breathe them in. Whether you’re a hopeless foodie, or the best friend who scratches out eyes; you’re jumping bus in Obáléndé or excavating your car in -35 degrees; dinning under the stars or enjoying àkàrà and dùndún from a roadside kiosk, there’s a story in here to take you back to your favorite place! Temi Phillips is a Jill of many trades whose first love is writing. Officially, she’s an Engineer and a Writer but there’s a whole lot of other things going on in her head. She is the author of Justice According to Vengeance and blogs on tipsyfilli.blogspot.


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