Temitope Omamegbe

Books by Temitope Omamegbe

twice a bride the journey

Hatred, anger, and vengeance were all fueled Wale on her quest. She was out for blood and would not stop until she had gotten her pound of flesh. Alex was on a journey of redemption. All he wanted to do was put the past behind him as much as he could and plan for his future even though he was uncertain if he had any. Their paths cross, tangle and intertwine until boundaries become blurred. There was only so much that vengeance could offer and very little redemption could proffer without willing forgiveness.

of good destiny

When a girl brings home her intended, she is told the story of a curse on her family, and the resulting consequences are too much for her to sit back and bear. Instead, she chooses to right the wrongs of centuries before and must pay a price she could never imagine. The novelette is written with all character names starting with A and a mixture of several words in different Nigerian Languages.


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