Terry Mante

Terry Mante is a business development and management consultant who has worked on market research, strategy, branding, corporate training, capacity-building as well as PR and communications projects for clients in diverse fields. He is an incisive and inspiring author, personal development coach, moderator of focus group discussions and conference/workshop resource person.

Books by Terry Mante

gifts that keep giving

Finding your gift is key to finding your place in life. A gift is a notable capacity, talent or endowment. In a succinct yet sophisticated fashion, Terry shows how each of us can unravel and unleash our talents to make meaningful and significant impact. Learn how to identify, develop, use and brand your talent.

money grows on trees

Money Grows On Trees is a treat for lovers of wealth creation and a recommended read for anybody who has the desire to create wealth ethically, steadily and successfully. It is a comprehensive guideline for creating and preserving wealth. “In this book, my friend Terry carefully breaks down the jargon in personal finance management for anyone seeking to find practical ways to understand and instill the discipline required to create, control and manage wealth… Get ready for a journey towards your financial freedom. Terry is your teacher in this class.” – John Armah, Co-founder and CEO, Orios Group

what you don't know is a big deal

Ignorance becomes a big deal when you find yourself in a situation and you discover that you can’t get out simply because you don’t know how to get out. If you think schooling and education are the same then consider the following: Only a few people study Accounting or Economics but all of us have financial issues. Even though the study of Science, Medicine and/or Anatomy is a no-go-area for many, we all have a body to maintain and health issues to deal with. We might not be social scientists but we have dealings with people every day. You don’t relish speaking in public but one day, you might be asked to say the closing prayer or give the vote of thanks or perhaps be the MC at your friend’s birthday party. The big question of life is, “How do you manage the different aspects of life effectively?” The answer is simple yet, it’s a big deal.

all-round communication

Communication is often seen as a specialised function reserved for journalists, marketing professionals, public relations executives, professional authors and career public speakers. However, in the knowledge economy, communication is everybody’s business. It is a critical success factor in personal and professional development. Learning to communicate effectively could be your launch pad for success in all aspects of life.

empowerment to be, to will and to do

NO LIFE IS EASY. Whether you choose to do something great or ordinary, life will still not be easy. The best option for you is to desire and design your ideal life, resolve to walk a path that leads you there, and press through to get to where you want to get to. That is what EMPOWERMENT is about.

leader sense: inspirational ideas for a life of impact

An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep - No concept amplifies the power and significance of leadership better than this. Leading yourself and others requires conviction, courage and consistency. This book is a call on leaders and emerging leaders to lead by example, refuse to be victims, embrace the victor's mentality, and blaze the trail.


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