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the money book

This “Money Book” considers the state of mind and habitual behaviours that rich men have and how that compares with the state of mind and habitual behaviours of poor men. Some of the greatest minds in the African Financial industry also contributed to The Money Book, sharing their personal perspectives on Wealth Creation and Wealth Management from their vast experiences in finances. The “Money Book” is written to set the captives of poverty free; to open blind eyes and to reveal the simple secrets of rich men. The simple, digestible and practical principles of this book will radically transform your life. It will become a reference material that you will get to regularly. The “Money Book” is written by one of Africa's finest , Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Performance Improvement Management, Human Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, life and wealth coach; Mr Lanre Olusola popularly known as The Catalyst because of what he steers up in people. This Life Changing Book will help you get the right knowledge on Money Management, Wealth Management, Finance, How To be Rich, Money Management Principles And Advice.


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