Tolu Fabiyi

Tolu Fabiyi is an insightful speaker and writer with years of professional practice as a lawyer, relationship consultant and mentor. She also writes and performs spoken word poetry on relationships across the country. With a keen interest in personal empowerment, she works with a certified John C. Maxwell Coach in empowering people around the world. She started the Intentional Relationships Blog in 2016 where she is committed to writing and inspiring her readers on Godly dating, singleness, personal empowerment and purposeful living. Her mission is to share relationship ‘truths’, empower her generation to build intentional dating relationships and lead purposeful lives. Tolu is happily married to her number one fan, best friend and absolute teammate, Dr. Adedeji Fabiyi, and they pursue their intentional relationship together.

Books by Tolu Fabiyi

intentional relationships: a guide to dating with purpose

“Your choice of a life partner can either make or break you”. Intentional Relationships: A guide to dating with purpose is an exciting, down-to-earth narrative about the complexities that come with love and dating as witnessed through personal experiences and experiences of others. This is a book for singles, people in dating relationships, engaged couples both inside and outside the church who want to learn the truth about Godly dating and it captures real life stories, personal perspectives, questions and Godly wisdom for navigating dating relationships. This book further reveals what it means to prayerfully transition from unhealthy patterns of dating, avoid situation-ships, seek intentional relationships and intentionally grow from singleness - friendship - intentional dating relationships - marriage. For those who are tired of Hollywood's propaganda, and the church's silence, this book is for you. And for people who are curious about love and dating relationships and want intelligent, grace-wisdom-and-truth answers, this is for you.


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