Tolulope Ajayi

Tolulope Ajayi, is a passionate humanitarian, a purpose driven public speaker and mentor who helps people gain clarity in the area of purpose, relationships, enhance productivity, financial intelligence and how to build edifices from whatever life thows at them. She is the founder of Colourful Hope International, an initiative borne out of her innate desire to help women gain strength and achieve work-life balance. She founded The Wealthy Woman Network, where she teaches deep secrets on achieving financial stability, balance and multiple streams of income. She hold a Masters of Science degree in Business Administration from Obafemi Awolowo University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Crawford University,a National Diploma in Mass communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. She is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. Her work has been featured of several global sites and magazines and she has spoken at several conferences and workshops spreading her ‘YOU CAN ‘messages. She is a certified dressmaker and fashion trainer with the federal ministry of Labor, Trade and Productivity. She belongs to a number of international bodies, among which is the Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI), and International Youth Forum (IYF). She founded Colourful Progress Collections, an international tailoring company offering wide services in mass production sewing, bespoke tailoring, trainings, Sewing tools and fashion consultancy. She offers free tailoring trainings to vulnerable women while also empowering them with basic equipments needed to Kickstart their journey. Her greatest desire is to see every woman achieve purpose while optimally living at her best.

Books by Tolulope Ajayi

lady, before you are 30

Lady, Before You are 30 (LBYA30) is a real life story which reflects a woman's journey through success failure, hope and triumph. You are about to read an intriguing story of a young lady who started from the bright side of life but whose journey got truncated through wrong life decisions she took mid way. In this book she extensively documents those things that usually falls 9 of every 10 young ladies. It is a story that will take you through her successes, failures, strength, pains, confusion, brokenness, tears, her decision to freedom and determination to make the rest of her life the best. Reading this book, you will see how she didn't even allow an abusive marriage truncate her purpose. I believe strongly that after reading this book, your hope shall be rekindled, your thirst for success shall increase and you won't allow any of life's downtime determine your tomorrow. It is every woman's (under 30, in their 30's and above 30) guide to finding true fulfillment and living purposefully.


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