Tunde Leye

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guardians of the seal

On the day Imani was supposed to get the crown jewel of her meteoric rise, she encountered a world she never imagined was there. With a plot ranging from the very beginning of creation, enter a world of angels, demons, dragons, swords, magic and love as we race with the Guardians of the Seals to save heaven and earth from a rampaging force that threatens to destroy everything

golden sands

There has been a series of seemingly unrelated deaths in Nigeria. The only thing that is common to the men involved is that they are some of the richest men in Africa. The police labeled all the deaths unfortunate accidents and the cases would have rested that way. But for Musa Bature. A text message that initially seems like a prank from his colleagues eerily predicts each of the deaths accurately and sends him on a thrilling race against time to discover the truth behind the deaths. His investigation will lead him all across Nigeria, to the discovery of a conspiracy that will shake the country to its roots. As the events unravel, Musa needs to use all his wits to stay alive while the police and a deadly assassin are hot on his trail. Rolling from the dusty deserts of Northern Nigeria, through the creeks of the Niger Delta, to the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Golden Sands delivers an exciting, pulsating story that is bound to have you turning the pages until you get to the end.


Based on the early life of Buchi Emecheta, Yobachi chronicles the journey of a female Nigerian writer as she struggles through prejudice, patriarchy, a failed marriage and near destitution to become a world renowned author

the burden of proof

A rocket whistled over the head of the man lying in the thicket. All around him, there were the screams of the dead, the dying and the dazed. The MIG 17 bomber rushed in like a hawk swooping down on helpless chicks and delivered its payload. The explosions drowned every other cry and the man dug deeper into the trench he had dug. He had seen two of his comrades go down; one by machine gun bullets and the other’s head was clean taken off while he was running for cover by a huge piece of shrapnel. He knew that the end was inevitable but he vowed to take as many of those Nigerian bastards with him before he went...see what the fuss is all about


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