Tunji Adeeko

The author was born almost half a century ago to a late African king. He is a university graduate with an MBA and a chartered certification in Purchasing and Supply. He is a self-driven individual who seeks answers to whatever bothers him. He has authored two books: THEY LIED TO US – Unveiling How Christianity and Islam Religions Were Forged THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – The Old Warlord Is Back To Power! He has passion in many other areas but he is primarily consumed with how he could contribute his quota towards the repositioning of the earth populace to becoming One. He is married to Adedayo Adeeko with three children: Tumi, Tosan and Oloyede.

Books by Tunji Adeeko

the vatican's snakehead auditorium

In 1971, while the world sleeps, the Vatican erected in Italy a heavily reinforced edifice. More puzzling is that the building, both the interior and exterior design, has every resemblance of the features of the head of a serpent. If serpent of the Bible represents Satan, why did the Mother Church erect such a great monument as if in honour of Satan, otherwise called Lucifer? Or: Is the Serpent story of the Bible a true story or an allegory? Is our world truly being ruled over by two families known as Serpent and Eagle family as represented in the America Great Seal? Is it true that the Eagle family has been ruling the world for the past 2000 years? Is the monument at the Vatican pointing to the possible change of baton from Eagle to Serpent family? Is the Vatican, therefore, pointing to the Serpent family as the controller of the next 2,160 years, the Age of Aquarius? Which human race stands to be more favoured by the Serpent family? What is the relationship between the gods of the Sumer, Egypt and the Bible?

they lied to us

This book is a superlative work that reviews human history from prehistoric to, precisely 2300 CE, and by extension 2405 CE. When the author, after many years of questioning and searching about why the human world is full of multiple and contradictory religions, discovered a decoding system, the entire outlay of human existence took a new dimension. The applications of this decoding method unlocked knotty Bible prophecies thus giving the Mayan Long Count calendar and the contents of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets a collaborative meaning. What role has astrology played in the making of monotheism, the religions which promote that there is only one God in heaven? Could Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions have been forged? This book alongside another by the same author titled THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – The Old Warlord Is Back To Power! will forever change how human race perceives religions.


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