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reforms, governance and development in nigeria

This volume combines conceptual and empirical methodology to connect the administrative dots between the dynamics of democratic governance and the imperatives of development in Nigeria. The optimism underlying this book derives from the author’s reflection on the connection between democratic governance, the civil service in Nigeria and the critical import of reform as the sine qua non for achieving not only a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s productivity profile, but also as the means through which democracy can become a truly liberating ideology for Nigerians. The volume explores a deep historical strategy as an administrative method by which to understand why the capability readiness of the Nigeria civil service system has been compromised and how a deep political commitment to the transformation of the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) can transform Nigeria in terms of infrastructural and human capital development.

transforming the african public service

This volume is an attempt to consistently think through the reform of the public administration and public service dynamics that could serve as an institutional framework for reorienting Africa’s postcolonial predicament. Africa has often been regarded, among other uncomplimentary epithets, as the most difficult administrative contexts in the world. The failure of the public service in Africa is essentially the failure of the democratic experiment in Africa. The ten lectures gathered in this significant volume derive from the author’s practical and intellectual involvement with public administration thinking on the continent including the articulation of the African Public Service Charter under the auspices of the African Union Commission. The essays are all united by a firm conviction that once the public/civil service in Africa fails, then all else has failed in terms of an infrastructural transformation of Africa that will make democratic governance a meaningful experiment for Africans. The volume therefore delivers a serious trajectory of how the African public service and administrative dynamics can leverage on global best practices and existing reform ideas to undermine the African predicament and install good governance for Africans.


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