Tunmise Onifade

Tunmise Onifade is a talented writer of fantasy and historical fiction. When he is not writing, he is reading books of every kind or researching for his works in progress. Perfidy is his debut novel.

Books by Tunmise Onifade


Perfidy is a fast paced, fantasy novel set in the age of fiery archers and skilled swordsmen, of valiant knights and scheming nobles, of rich kings and struggling commoners. The story follows Corthiel, a young, adventurous huntsman from the southern province of Navlan empire, as he joins forces with other warriors to stop Sir Garhel, a beloved member of the royal family, from bringing Navlan empire to ruin with his high ambitions. With the backing of a powerful sorceress and strong allies in Navlan and beyond, Sir Garhel is a force nigh unstoppable, but Corthiel and his friends must conquer him otherwise their world would be besieged by an evil for which there is no reprieve or respite. If you enjoyed Eragon, Merlin, Game of Thrones and other such works, then this is for you.


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