Uwanma Odefa

Uwanma Odefa is a Radio and TV host, Vlogger, Movie producer, relationship coach and fitness enthusiast.

Books by Uwanma Odefa

stormy passion

A tale of fiery love across two worlds.

no strings attached

What's worse than having your heartbroken during the Christmas holidays? Having it broken twice! This is a Christmas and New Year holiday romance story that starts in the concrete jungle of Lagos, Nigeria and ends on the sandy beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Between Angela, Paul and Alex, there are lots of tears, laughter, fake love, love unrequited and love that is mutual. Follow their story from love, to loss, to lust and back to love through Christmas and New Year.

love and fireworks

Originally a Wattpad writing competition entry, this is the original short story that birthed the extended 38-chapter full novel No Strings Attached, chronicling the intense love story between Angela and Alex. This story starts with Alex crashing into Angela at the airport and shows how the feelings of animosity between them transformed to explosive passion.

forbidden passion

At the start of a global viral pandemic killing hundreds of thousands, there’s danger everywhere; the danger of discovery, of being judged and condemned and the danger of loss of love and life. What do you say when family, friends and society tell you you can’t love someone because they are unacceptable, forbidden? What do you do if the person you love is afraid to love you back because of what society will say? Ada has never been one to conform and she is not about to now in the face of the struggle keep her one true love without losing her family. Follow Ada’s journey and her struggle between staying on course to fight for the right to love whoever she wants or bowing to societal pressure and going with a more acceptable lover who repeatedly expresses his desire for her. A/N: Stormy Passion is Book 1, Forbidden Passion is Book 2. Both are part of a trilogy, The Passion Series. You may miss some fun references if you haven’t read Stormy Passion & if it's been a while. Catch up!


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