Uzormah Barth Ibe

Pastor Uzormah Barth Ibe is a preacher, lecturer, international speaker, writer, author, traveler and missionary. This vision was given to him several years ago; and although it tarried, it has finally come to pass to the glory of God. This vision has led to the opening of Foundation Network Fellowship Int’l (FNFI); which is an intercessory prayer group.

Books by Uzormah Barth Ibe


On the 22nd of February 2005, at exactly 1pm, I was in my home when the Lord Jesus suddenly showed me a vision. In that vision, I saw the entire world clearly and each of the races in it was being afflicted in one way or another; I was sweating and cried out because I couldn’t bear the torment and the suffering I saw, it was then the Lord now showed me the secret behind the affliction. This book reveals hidden secrets which the devil and the kingdom of darkness, would prefer you never knew until you leave the earth; because once you know, your life would be changed forever.


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