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A battle between Angels and Demons is raging in the celestial realm, Agatha an angel has fallen from grace down to eastern Nigerian, where she is found by a Spirit worshiper and his daughter, little do they know they are being watched and followed leading to a series of even deeper spiritual events. Enjoy the color of the Igbo culture and interplay between the Spiritual and physical realms.

june xii

June XII: Nobody knows who he is or what his true abilities are. But everyone knows what he stands for and what he stands against. He is dedicated to the entity called Nigeria and her people. He is not bound by geographical borders and he will do all it takes to ensure justice for those it’s due to. He is the voice of the people, he is June XII.

mumu juju

Nominated for the Heineken artistry awards, Mumu Juju is an African fantasy story about two friends The Mortar & The Pestle and their wild adventures, as they go through various obstacles to pay back a debt owed to the deity Kenga they slowly realise that what they think their greatest misfortune is just the tip of the iceberg of a more sinister plot. Enjoy the awesome synergy between actions packed fight scenes local humour.


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