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compete smarter, not harder: a process for developing the right priorities through strategic thinking

The Internet, mobile technology, the ubiquity and interconnected nature of information has dramatically increased the speed and impact of success or failure. Largely as a result, companies that succeed have learned that success today depends upon competing in the right space. However, for the majority of businesses deciding on the areas of where to play is not always easy to identify-- until now. Competing in the Right Space is about how to compete in the right part of the market today  how to prioritize market opportunities so that strengths in one part of a market can be leveraged across multiple market opportunities. Using cutting edge academic research and extensive industry practice, Dr. Putsis incorporates a step-by-step process of strategic prioritization to detail the series of steps that a company has to go through to take advantage of the competitive interplay that exists across markets. Ranging from strategic market selection through to the tactics of execution, readers will be able to recognize the full set of strategic decisions to compete in the right space that provides the best margins, overall profitability, growth and that provides opportunities to leverage these strengths and extract value in other markets.


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